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Tricks & Tips of Instagram You Need to Know



Instagram Tips & tricks

The year 2020 has necessitated a lot of online activity in people. People were at home and used innovative and different modes to enhance their popularity amidst different populace. Instagram emerged as a winner where people literally shed their inhibitions and became open about their needs.

Being a picture based platform, a lot goes on the platform than just pictures. Even random strangers can send you a direct message if your profile is public. If your profile is private, people can’t even see your display picture properly let alone read your message.

minspy instagram spy

With its increasing popularity, Instagram has become a very fancy mode of interaction with the youth. In fact, it is the most used platform by the youth as compared to other social media pages.

But, most parents, out of concerns for their gullible and vulnerable children, lookout for ways to get more info about their child’s safety on social media platforms. In such a scenario, spy applications like Minspy come to the rescue.

What is Minspy?

Minspy website is a web-based application that allows its registered users to see someone’s Instagram account, feed messages, and interactions without them knowing. Yes, you can access someone’s Instagram totally by remote access.

Minspy V/s other Spy Apps?

Honestly, there are many other spy apps that claim to offer spy services for Instagram. Most of such claiming applications are immensely vulnerable to malware. There are silly humane verifications, so-called “free demos” and they literally rip you off your time.

Out of all such applications, Minspy is a real trustworthy application. It is a completely reliable platform for spying on someone’s Instagram. When engaging in an act of spying, one is apprehensive about the leak of information.

You can let your apprehensions go out of the window as Minspy will offer you the confidence to have an inhibition free access into someone’s Instagram account. It also has further interesting features:

No jailbreaking Requirement

Minspy only asks for reasonable information and doesn’t ask unnecessary questions. The application would never ask you to jailbreak or root through a target device unless and until it’s the only choice (you will read about this elaborately later).


minspy keylogger details

While Minspy allows you to access someone’s Instagram, see their posts, feeds, etc. even without knowing their Instagram password, it has another superb feature. This feature is known as Keylogger.

By virtue of this feature, you do not only see the Instagram messages, but you also get access to any keystrokes made by the users. The keystrokes include vital acts of users like deleting a message, typing a message, and not sending it.

Stealth mode

Minspy has a stealth mode that makes the remote access safe. There will be no pings and security alerts. Minspy also does not make users engage in leaving multiple trails. So, you can’t be at ease while spying, because your target user would never know about it.

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How to Hack Someone’s Instagram through Minspy

There are a few important steps in hacking someone’s Instagram through Minspy. The process is utterly simple and time efficient and practically doesn’t make more than a few minutes. It can be broken down into below mentioned steps:

minspy sign up

Firstly, you can register on Minspy’s web-based app and register with your email
ID. After this, you need to select a monthly plan. Minspy offers many monthly plans to choose from. Each plan has its own sets of offers.

You are advised to do an assessment of your requirements and the volume, and then choose a plan of your choice. The moment your payment for the plan is successful, you would get a set up link on your email ID.

You need to click on the link received on your email and then start installing the app on your system. The set up procedure would be self explanatory. Just in a few minutes the set up task will be completed effectively.

You now would need to choose the target platform. Target platform means stating the kind of device used by your target user. Minspy is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Once confirmed on the type of device, you can proceed ahead!

Here, you need to pay special attention as the process varies between Android and iOS. Linking iOS is possibly the easiest way to link with Minspy. You can do this without having the target iPhone. As a matter of fact, the target device could be anywhere in the world, and you could link with Minspy immediately.

The only requirement is to enter the iCloud credentials. The moment you enter that, Minspy would connect with the target platform. Once connected, you can view the Instagram account, feed, messages and use any/all of Minspy’s functions you opted for.

Android does not offer complete remote access to any app. It necessitates the concerned spy apps to root through the target Android device. Minspy is no exception to this rule just like other apps, but there is a totally secure way to still spy with Minspy.

You need to download the app on the target android device. The trick is that the app could be hidden as soon as it is downloaded. As the app weighs only 3 Mb, it never tends to attract the user’s attention or even cause a suspicion.

When hidden, the app even vanishes from the library of apps. There is no way that the app can be found. Even removing the phone in future can be done remotely through the web application.


The addiction to Instagram has led to the demand for spy applications that could help in accessing someone’s Instagram account. Minspy’s website can provide you more info on why it is a safe and secure way to remotely access and hack Instagram.

Minspy has a large fan base. The simplicity of Minspy has made it immensely popular with spy app users. It makes users accustomed to its very friendly interface. Hacking is made so simple and time-efficient that you would feel like you’ve been using it all along!

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