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Useful Tips and Tricks For Getting More Instagram Likes



Instagram Tips & tricks

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networking sites, and all of the people around the world are using it. It has the highest average engagement rate that surpasses other channels. Instagram has become a powerful tool for businesses and brands while at the same time, provides enjoyment to the users. Instagram likes are the best social metrics to indicate post-performance and engagement. Fortunately, if you want to increase your free Instagram likes, may it be for business or personal use, it is fairly easy.

Continue reading for some of the most effective tips and tricks for getting more Instagram likes. Use all of these, and you will see a huge and steady engagement on your account.

Upload Interesting Content Regularly

Have you noticed any variation with your Instagram post likes? Do you have posts that are more popular than others? The first two useful tips are: post regularly and post interesting content. You can ensure that your Instagram is constantly growing by ensuring that you are always on the feed with fresh and exciting content. Your new and current followers will certainly engage with what you are posting through this. Use all of the Instagram features such as story, live, post, and the newest feature – reel. Maximize each and everyone to generate interactions and likes.

Here are some ideas for an interesting Instagram post:

  • Dancing, Singing, and any other talent you can share. You can entertain and inspire people with this.
  • Hobbies such as craftings and DIY projects. Encourage everyone to do something and share it.
  • Tutorial videos so you can share your knowledge with other people.
  • Lifestyle and fashion to show people who you are.

There are many more ideas you can try to get interesting and quality content. Make sure that it’s authentic and reflects on who you are.

Utilize Third-Party Services

If you want a quick and guaranteed method to grow your Instagram and gain more likes, it would be best to use third-party services that offer high-quality followers and genuine likes. As seen on, you can kickstart your Instagram and increase your presence through this. This strategy is very credible and used by different businesses, celebrities, and regular people to boost and grow their platform. Active and genuine users can start a snowball effect that will get other users to like, engage and follow your profile.

However, ensure that you are using and dealing with a service provider that offers you active and legitimate users and not bots. Having bots and dummy accounts follow and like you can make your account unattractive.

Create and Use Relevant Hashtags

If you are wondering why some account or business pages use so many hashtags, it is because hashtags are like directions. Hashtag directs and attracts people with similar interests to you. For example, if you use a relevant hashtag that your audience might be looking for, they can see your content right away. Moreover, the explore tab allows you to see similar hashtags and give you related results from your desired niche. Another way to take advantage of a hashtag is to create your own hashtag for the collection of your content. May it be your own name, nickname, or a tagline.

Some of the most popular hashtags are: #photography #lifestyle #fashion and #travel. You can also use the hashtags of current events, seasons, and holidays that are currently happening. These hashtags are being tracked in real-time and may get you likes quickly.

Try To Collaborate With Famous Brands or People

Collaborations are very famous right now across brands and celebrities. We must say this is an effective way to widen your scope and get more likes. Collaboration work by reaching out to other parties to collaborate or sponsor you. Through this, you’ll combine two sets of users that will potentially follow and like your post. All you have to do is contact them, show your audience and target market, discuss your goals and what you want to deliver. Besides, Instagram users that offer giveaways and hold contests grow faster. This strategy is trial and error, you might not get positive responses at first, but once you prove yourself to the brand, you can score a collaboration or a sponsorship.

As of this year, there are nearly 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, and it’s easy to get lost with the sea of content and a lot of competition. While saying “be authentic” might be a cliche, we still stand by that advice. It is important to produce unique content that will reflect on you and make you stand out. May it be sharing your life, showing your passion and aspiration, and talking about your stand with everything. 

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