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How to Hide Apps on Your iPhone [5 Ways]



Hide Apps on iPhone

Everyone wants to keep at least one or two apps secret from friends and family. Some users wish to hide the apps to reduce distractions and improve productivity. Whatever may be the reason, hiding the apps is the best way to keep the application safe and private. iPhone doesn’t have a dedicated option to hide apps. But there are some possible ways to hide the apps on your iOS device. You can hide apps on your iOS device by removing the app from the home screen, creating folders, removing the entire apps page, and hiding the app from search results or purchase history.

How to Hide Apps from iPhone Home Screen

(1) Unlock your iPhone and long-press the app you want to hide.

(2) From the app drop-down menu, select Remove App.

Tap Remove App

(3) Tap the option Remove from Home Screen to hide the app from your Home screen.

Tap Remove from Home Screen to hide the apps on iPhone

(4) The app will be hidden from the home screen, and you can access that app from your App Library.

How to Hide the Entire Apps Page on iPhone

(1) Tap and hold any part of your home screen for 2-3 seconds until the page enters edit mode.

tap and hold the Home screen

(2) Click on the vertical or Page dots icon at the bottom.

(4) Unselect the checkbox placed below the apps page you wish to hide.

(4) Finally, tap Done to hide the entire apps page.

Tap Done to hide the apps on iPhone

How to Hide Apps on iPhone using Folders

(1) Tap and hold an app for 2-3 seconds.

(2) Drag and place the app on other apps to create a folder.

(3) The folder will be named automatically. You can also manually rename the folder.

Create a folder

(4) Open the folder and drag the app towards the right to place the app on the next page of the folder.

Note: You can create up to 12 pages in the same folder.

How to Hide Apps from the Search Results on iPhone

(1) Launch Settings on your iPhone.

(2) Tap the name of the app you intend to hide.

(3) Tap the option Siri & Search.

Tap Siri and Search

(4) Disable the option Show App in Search to hide the app from the search results.

Toggle the button of Show App in Search

(5) You can disable the option Suggest App and Suggestions Notification to hide the apps from Siri suggestions.

Toggle the button to hide apps on iPhone

How to Hide the Apps from iPhone Purchase History

(1) Launch the App Store application on your iPhone.

(2) Hit the Profile icon at the top right corner.

(3) Tap the option Purchased to view your purchased apps.

Tap Purchased

(4) Select an app and swipe it towards the left.

(5) Click on the Hide option to hide the apps from your purchase history.

(6) Finally, tap Done to end the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to hide apps on your iPhone?

Yes, you can hide the apps on your iOS device.

2. How do I hide apps on my iPhone without disabling them?

You can hide the apps on your iPhone by creating folders.

3. How do I find hidden apps on my iPhone?

You can easily find the hidden apps under the Apps library.

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