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How to Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch



How to Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch

Apple has released iOS 14.5 on April 26, 2021. Some of the new features of iOS 14.5 are changing the default Siri voice and unlock iPhone with your Apple watch while wearing a mask. Nowadays, we are unable to go anywhere without a face mask. While wearing a face mask, your iPhone can’t detect your face. To avoid this problem, Apple has introduced the feature to unlock the iPhone with Apple Watch. The feature works really well, your iPhone will scan a part of your face and the Apple Watch will give a little buzz to unlock your iPhone.

First of all, ensure that your iPhone is running on the latest version of 14.5. If not, update your device immediately to access this feature (Settings > General > Software Update).

How to Unlock iPhone With Apple Watch

1) Go to Settings on your iPhone.

2) Select Face ID& Passcode and enter your iPhone’s passcode.

3) Then go to Unlock With Apple Watch section and turn on Apple Watch.

Turn on Apple watch on iPhone to inlock with Apple watch

4) Tap on the Turn On menu to enable it.

5) Now, you can unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask.

  • Wear Apple Watch on your wrist and unlock it.
  • Unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask and let it scan your face.
  • As you’re wearing a mask, the Apple Watch on your wrist will unlock the smartphone immediately. A notification will appear on the Apple Watch.
  • Now, you can start using iPhone without removing the mask.

6) You can also lock iPhone from the Apple Watch by simply tapping on the Lock iPhone menu.

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We are hoping that the above-mentioned steps have shown the right-direction to unlock the iPhone while wearing an face mask. If you had any queries, feel free to mention them below.

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