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Advanced IP Scanner Portable | Installation Tips 2021



Advanced IP Scanner Portable

Advanced IP Scanner is one of the network scanners which is available for free. It analyses the network devices connected in the same network channel. The tool displays all the connected devices together and through that, you can take control over any device using RDP or Radmin. There are plenty of features available in this Advanced IP Scanner. One such feature is Advanced IP Scanner Portable. Let us discuss more on Advanced IP Scanner Portable in this post.

What is Advanced IP Scanner Portable?

Advanced IP Scanner Portable is one of the features of Advanced IP Scanner tool. The Advanced IP Scanner tool allows you to either install the app completely or run a portable version of this tool. By using the portable version, You can run the tool whenever you want to without any installation. You can use this portable feature on any number of devices without any installation.

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How to run Advanced IP Scanner Portable?

Portable version of Advanced IP Scanner runs directly without any installation. Here are the steps to run Advanced IP Scanner Portable version:

#1: Open Advanced IP Scanner official website or click here.

#2: Click “Free Download” button.

Advanced IP Scanner Portable
Click Free Download

#3: The app will start downloading.

Advanced IP Scanner Portable
File getting downloaded

#4: Once the app gets downloaded, open the downloaded file to proceed further.

Advanced IP Scanner Portable
Open File

#5: Choose the language in which you are comfortable with.

Advanced IP Scanner Portable
Select Language

#6: To use the portable version, click on “Run Portable Version” and click next.

Advanced IP Scanner Portable
Select “Run” and Click Next

Note: You can also install the tool if you wish to. Else you can go ahead with the portable version without any installation.

#7: Now the tool will open the “License Agreement Page“. To proceed further, read the license agreement and click “I accept the agreement” and click “Run”.

Advanced IP Scanner Portable
Accept the Agreement

#8: The portable version of the app will open after a few mins of configuration.

Advanced IP Scanner Portable
Advanced IP Scanner Portable Version

Thus by using the above methods, the Advanced IP Scanner Portable version is configured and running successfully.

Wrapping Up

Advanced IP Scanner’s portable version will be best if you have number of computers. You can have the .exe file in a pen drive and use it in any system you want. You can also store the .exe file on your system and run it whenever you want to. If you still wish to install it, then you can easily install advanced IP Scanner as well.

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