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How to Install and Stream IPTV on Sony Smart TV



Install IPTV on Sony TV

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is an affordable option to watch live TV and other on-demand videos at a lower price. All you need to have is a stable internet connection. Some IPTV providers offer content for free. Some IPTV providers provide the M3U or Xtream Codes after getting a subscription. Sony is a popular Smart TV brand that runs on Android TV OS and Google TV OS. So, you can install any IPTV player app from the Play Store. In addition, Sony TV also supports sideloading the IPTV apps using Downloader.

How to Download IPTV on Sony Android TV

Many IPTV apps are officially available in the Play Store. One of the best IPTV players for Mac, Windows, and Smart TVs is the Smart IPTV player.

(1) Turn On your Sony TV and navigate to the Apps section.

(2) Locate and launch the Play Store application on your TV.

Launch Play Store

(3) Search for Smart IPTV and select the app from the search suggestions list.

Smart IPTV on Sony TV

(4) Click the Install button to download the IPTV app on Sony Android TV.

How to Get IPTV on Sony Google TV

(1) Turn On your Sony Google TV and tap Apps in the menu bar.

Tap Apps on Sony Google TV

(2) Select the option Search for apps and type Smart IPTV in the search bar using the on-screen keyboard.

Search for Smart IPTV

(3) Tap the Smart IPTV app from the search suggestions.

(4) On the app description page, hit the Install button to download the app on Sony Google TV.

How to Activate Smart IPTV on Sony Smart TV

After installing the app on Sony Android TV or Sony Google TV, you must activate it to stream the IPTV content.

(1) Go to Settings on your Sony TV and select the option Network & Internet.

(2) Tap the Wi-Fi network and click Privacy.

(3) Then, select Use device MAC.

Click Use device MAC

(4) Launch the Smart IPTV app on your Sony Smart TV.

(5) Note the MAC address displayed on the app.

Note the MAC address

(6) Now, launch a browser on your mobile or PC.

(7) Visit the Smart IPTV activation website ( and enter the MAC address on the respective box.

(8) Tap the Pay with PayPal or Debit or Credit Card button.

Choose your Payment option

(9) Follow the on-screen prompts to purchase the Smart IPTV subscription (€5.49)

(10) After purchasing the premium plan, navigate to the home page and tap the My List tab.

(11) Enter the MAC address of your TV and the M3U URL link of your IPTV provider.

(12) Check the box I’m not a Robot and click the option Send.

Click Send to activate Smart IPTV

(13) Now, refresh the Smart IPTV app on Sony TV and play any content to watch it on a big screen.

Alternative Way to Add IPTV Apps on Sony Smart TV

If the application is unavailable on the Play Store, you can sideload the IPTV application on your Sony TV using Downloader.

Before installing the app, enable the Unknown Sources option to install third-party apps on Sony Smart TV. To do it,

Go to Settings → Click Device Preferences → Tap Security and Restrictions → Enable Unknown sources.

(1) Go to the Play Store on your Sony TV.

(2) Search for the Downloader app and install it on your TV.

Select Downloader to install IPTV on Sony TV

(3) Launch the Downloader app after installation.

(4) Enter the APK link of IPTV Smarters (

(5) Tap Go and follow the on-screen instructions to install the application on your Sony TV.

Add M3U URL or Xtream Codes on IPTV Smarters

(6) Launch the IPTV Smarters app on your TV.

(7) Tap Accept and grant access to the required permissions.

(8) Select the option Add User.

Click Add user

(9) On the next page, choose any option Load Your Playlist or File/URL or Login with Xtream Codes API.

Choose your preferred one

(10) Enter the necessary details and click the option Add User.

Click Add  to watch IPTV on Sony TV

(11) Finally, relaunch the app and watch your favorite IPTV channels.

Installation Guide of IPTV on Other Smart TVs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I download IPTV Smarters on my Sony Android TV?

You can install the app from the Play Store on your Sony Smart TV.

2. Why can’t I sideload the IPTV app on Sony TV?

If you can’t sideload any IPTV apps, check whether you have enabled the option Unknown Sources on your Sony TV. If you have already enabled it, check the internet connection and try again.

3. Do you need to get a subscription for IPTV?

Some IPTV services offer content for free. Whereas some IPTV services require a monthly subscription.

4. Is IPTV illegal?

It is difficult to find whether an IPTV service is legal or not. Nowadays, more than 95% of IPTV Providers are illegal. So, make sure to use a VPN on your device before streaming IPTV content.

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