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LightStreams TV – Stream 3200+ TV Channels at $8.00/mo



LightStreams TV

LightStreams TV is one of the cheapest IPTV broadcasters available to stream tons of TV channels over the internet. IPTV has changed the way of watching Television. Instead of traditional cable and satellite services, people are searching for IPTV services to stream their favourite channels. It helps them to save more money and they can also watch their favourite program at any time and anywhere. Among the IPTV providers, LightStreams TV is one of the few providers who stream 3200+ TV channels along with 5000+ on-demand movies and TV shows.

LightStreams TV
LightStreams IPTV

LightStreams TV stream all kind of channels including sports, premiums, PPV, Spanish, USA and local channels. The major advantage of LightStreams TV is that you can stream all the channels at 1080p resolutions.

Device Compatibility:

The service is accessible on various platforms including Android, iOS, Firestick, PC/Laptop, Web Player, PS4 (PlayStation 4), & Smart TVs.

LightStreams TV Packages

There are several IPTV subscription packages available in LightStream service. Select and purchase the best one which is convenient for you.

  • $8.00 USD – 1 Month 2 Devices
  • $12.00 USD – 1 Month 3 Devices
  • $17.00 USD – 1 Month 5 Devices
  • $4.00 USD – 1 Month 1 MAC
  • $13.00 USD – LS PLUS 1 Month + 2 Devices
  • $17.00 USD – LS PLUS 1 Month + 3 Devices
  • $23.00 USD – LS PLUS 1 Month + 5 Devices
  • $5.00 USD – LS PLUS Only
  • $20.00 USD – 1 Month (MAG Subscription)
  • $2.00 USD – 24 Hour Trial

Features like channel number, device compatibility, on-demand content and much more will vary depending on the package. Users can purchase a trial package to test out the features of Lighstreams TV. The provider also has great customer service to solve your queries immediately.

How to purchase the package?

  • Visit the official website of LightStreams TV:
  • Scroll down the home page and select the package according to your wish.
  • Tap ORDER NOW.
  • Enter your basic details like name, address, zip code, Email ID and more.
  • Go through the payment process and purchase the package.
  • Now, further details about the package will send to you through Email.

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