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How to Uninstall/Delete Kodi Addons? [2020]



Delete Kodi Addons

Kodi is an open-source media centre which let you stream everything on your device. Along with streaming the media’s, you can customize the interface according to your convenience. You can also install addons to access the media’s that you can’t imagine. By installing tons of addons, you may experience some streaming issues. Hence it is always good to keep your list as tidy as possible by removing the unwanted Kodi addons. Removing addons is almost easy as installing them and you can uninstall them within a few minutes. Watch the space below to know how to uninstall/delete addons from the Kodi media player.

How to delete Kodi Addons?

Deleting or uninstalling addons from Kodi doesn’t require rocket science. Just follow these simple steps to uninstall the Kodi addons within few minutes.

#1: Launch your Kodi Media Player and tap Addons option on the homepage.

Select Addons

#2: On the Addons page, select My Addons.

Select My Addons

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#3: On My Addons page, select All option.

Select All

#4: Installed Kodi addons will be displayed on the screen. Select and right-click the addon that you need to uninstall or delete.

#5: After right-clicking the addon, a pop-up box will appear on the screen. On that box, select Information.

Select Information

#6: Then the information’s related to that addon will be displayed on the screen. Select the Uninstall icon to start the deletion process.

Select Uninstall

#7: Now, a pop-up message will appear on the screen stating whether you want to uninstall the addon or not. Select Yes to continue.

Select Yes to Uninstall Kodi Addons

#8: Another pop-up message will appear on the screen stating whether you want to remove all the data’s or not. Select Yes to remove all the data associated with the addon. It will clear some space on your device.

Select Yes to Delete Kodi Addons

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#9: That’s it. The selected addon will be deleted or uninstalled from the Kodi media player within a few minutes.

It is very important to delete/uninstall the addons to avoid the streaming issue or any other issue. We hope the article provided here are very helpful to uninstall the addons with ease.

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