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How Download and Install Night Terrors Kodi Addon



Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Night Terrors Kodi addon is a unique Kodi addon that is mainly designed for horror theme fans. Nutty Tony developed the addon, and he kept this add-on straightforward for its users. Night Terrors Addon is all about streaming paranormal, crime, and horror genre content. In media, you can find plenty of scary movies and TV shows based on true stories. Apart from these contents, you can stream other media links such as 24/7 Shows, Blood and Brimstone, Crime TV Shows, Crime Movies, Catch Up, Disaster and doomsday, Flashback, Genre, and much more. You can find this horrible add-on from two repositories named Illuminati Repository and Supremacy Repository. We are using the Supremacy repository to install this addon on your device.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Reasons to Stream Kodi using a VPN

Here are some of the why you should use a VPN for streaming on Kodi Media Player.

  • While installing an unofficial addon on Kodi, your device will get might get attacked by malware which might permanently damage your streaming device. Using a VPN is the best solution to sort this out.
  • Many users get legal issues for streaming on Kodi. You can use a VPN to hide your identity from government servers and hackers.
  • If your addon is geo-restricted, using a VPN will help you to stream anywhere in the world by unblocking geo-restrictions.
  • VPN helps you to browse faster. Also, with a VPN, you can stream a video without any lacking and download it without hassle.

There are several best VPNs for Kodi like IPVanish VPN, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN. You can also download a VPN on your Kodi-supported devices.

How to Install Night Terrors Addon on Kodi

To install and set up the Night Terrors Kodi Addon on your device, follow the below instructions.

Enable Unknown Sources

To install the third-party Kodi addon on your Kodi app, first, you have to turn the Apps from the Unknown Source option. To enable unknown sources on Kodi, go to the Settings page and click System Settings. Then tap the Addons option and turn on Apps from Unknown Source.

Install Supremacy Repository

Step1: Launch the Kodi app on your device. Tap the Settings icon, which is located in the top left corner of the screen.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Step2: From the Settings page, click the File Manager option.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Step3: Tap the Add Source option.

Tap Add Source option

Step4: In the Add Source dialogue page, tap the “<None>” option and click OK.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Step5: Enter the repository URL and Tap OK.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Step6: Enter the name of the repository Supremacy and click OK.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Step7: Verify the details which you have entered in the dialogue box are correct and click the OK button.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Step8: Get back to the main menu and click the Add-ons option, which is located on the left vertical menu bar.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Step9: Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Step10: On the Addon Package Installer page, click the Install from Zip File option.

Tap Install from Zip File

Step11: Select the repository name Supremacy in the popup box.

Select Supremacy Repo

Step12: Click the directory of Zip File repository.supremacy-2.5.

Click Directory of Zip File

Step13: Click the appropriate repository Zip file

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Step14: Installation of Supremacy repository has started. Once the installation has been completed a popup notification will appear in the top right corner of the screen.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

How to Get Night Terrors Addon on Kodi

Step1: Tap the Install from Repository option.

Tap Install From Repository

Step2: On the Install from Repository page, select the repository Supremacy.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Step3: Tap the Video Addons option.

Tap Video Addons

Step4: Click the name of the addon Night Terrors.

Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Step5: Tap the Install button to install the addon on your device. Wait till the add-on gets installed on your device.

Tap the Install Button

Now you have successfully installed the Night Terrors Kodi addon. You can stream your favorite horror movies on your device with your family and friends. Alternatively, you can also get this addon from the Illuminati Repository.

Best Alternatives for Night Terrors Kodi Addon

Night Terrors Kodi addon is a specialized add-on for horror movie lovers, and this addon comes under best documentary or factual addons. Like this addon, there are several addons that are specialized under various contents. So here we offer some of the best Kodi addons for movies as an alternative for Night Terrors Addon.

Strikes Auto Zone Addon

Strikes Auto Zone Addon is one of the best alternatives for Night Terrors Kodi Addon. Because it focuses the racing fans like the Night Terrors Kodi Addon focuses on horror movie fans. From this add-on, you can stream various racing events from different fields. Also, this add-on offers playlists from YouTube, and you can install it from Rocks Repository.

Strikes Auto Zone Addon

Serial Killers Lite Addon

Serial Killers Lite addon comes under Serial Killer Kodi addon. The add-on allows you to watch the Serial killer movies and TV Shows on your Kodi Media player. So you can consider this as an alternative for Night Terrors Addon. The addon will not support for RealDebrid. You can find this addon from Illuminati Repository.

Serial Killers Lite Addon

Crime Scene Addon

Crime Scene addon is developed for real crime documentary fans. In this addon, you can watch the real crime genre movies and TV Shows, but with Night Terrors Addon you can stream paranormal, crime, and horror genre contents. So it will be a better alternative for Night Terrors Kodi Addon. You can install the doon from RockCrusher Repository.

Crime Scene Addon

If you are a real freak of paranormal or true crime content, then the Night Terrors addon is the must-have addon on your Kodi library. This is how you can download and install this addon on your Kodi device. Night Terrors addon offers you enormous streaming links from various countries.


Can you Install Night Terrors Addon on Kodi?

Yes, you can get Night Terrors Addon on Kodi Media Player.

How do I get Night Terrors Addon?

You can download the addon from the Supremacy repository on Kodi.

Is Night Terrors Addon safe to use?

As the addon is not available on the official repository, it is not completely safe to use.

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