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How to Install PureVPN on Kodi [2021]



PureVPN on Kodi

Over the years, Kodi has become a popular streaming app among the cord-cutters. Even though Kodi lets the user play and views all kind of media, it is difficult to access the addons that are geo-restricted. Hence, it is very essential to run a VPN while accessing the Kodi app. PureVPN is one of few VPN services which offers dedicated addon for the Kodi application. It is a trustable and oldest VPN service which operates 2000+ servers across 140+ countries. Since PureVPN is a third-party addon, you can’t download this from the official Kodi repository. Jump into the article to know how to access this addon on Kodi 18.6 Leia and older versions.


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Method 1: Install PureVPN on Kodi Installed Device

The first method to access PureVPN on your Kodi app is running the native app on the device where you have installed the Kodi app. Run the VPN in the background and access the Kodi addons to unblock the geo-restricted contents. As long as you’re connected to the VPN service, your activities inside the Kodi app will be protected and kept anonymous.

Method 2: Install PureVPN on Router

If your device doesn’t have a native PureVPN app, you can install the PureVPN on your router. Actually, there is no way to VPN on the router. You need to configure the VPN service with the VPN service to protect all your household devices. For your assistance, you can access the installation guide provided on the official website of PureVPN. By installing PureVPN on your router, you can launch and use the Kodi app on your device without worrying about any privacy issue. Make sure to connect your device with the router where you have configured the PureVPN.

Method 3: Download the dedicated PureVPN Kodi Addon on 18.5 Leia

The developers of PureVPN offers dedicated addon to stream the media contents on your Kodi app. Before installing the addon, you need to have a valid PureVPN account for the configuration process.

Click here to sign up for PureVPN.

#1: With the help of a web browser, download the repository file for PureVPN.

#2: Open the Kodi app and click the cog-wheel shaped Settings icon.

Install PureVPN on Kodi

#3: Click the System menu.

Install PureVPN on Kodi

#4: Click Addons on the left-hand menu bar.

Install PureVPN on Kodi 18.5 Leia

#5: Enable Unknown Sources if it is turned off.

Install PureVPN on Kodi 18.5 Leia

#6: Click OK on the warning message displayed on the screen.

Install PureVPN on Kodi 18.5 Leia

#7: Return to the Settings screen and click the Addons icon.

Install PureVPN on Kodi

#8: Click Install from Zip File.

PureVPN Kodi Addon

#9: Select the Zip file that you downloaded in Step 1.

#10: Wait for PureVPN installed notification on the screen.

#11: Once installed, the configuration page will appear on the screen. If not, go to Addons -> My Addons -> right-click PureVPN -> Information.

PureVPN Kodi Addon

#12: Enter your PureVPN username and password in the respective fields.

PureVPN Kodi Addon

#13: Under the Monitor section, enable the addon to connect automatically while launching the Kodi app.

#14: Click OK.

#15: That’s it. Your activities in the Kodi app will be protected with the utmost security features of PureVPN.

Note: The addon that you configured in the Kodi app will not protect your activities outside the Kodi app.

Final Thoughts

Using Kodi with the PureVPN addon is the perfect way to unblock the geo-restricted contents without worrying about any privacy issues. Currently, PureVPN addon supports only OpenVPN protocols. If you want to access more protocols, it is better to run the main PureVPN app.

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