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Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts That Every Kodi User Should Know



Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

Kodi is an open-source media player which revolutionized the way of watching movies and TV shows. It lets you stream movies, videos, audios, pictures and much more on your preferred platform. While using Kodi Media Player on PC or laptop, you may get irritated without knowing how to access particular options immediately. Hence it will be better to know the best Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts to make your usage more efficient and effective. Kodi shortcuts also improve the user experience by speeding up the process. So, without any further delay, here are some of the Kodi keyboards controls that every Kodi user must know.

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Basic Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

EnterTo select the particular option
Up ArrowTo move up
Down ArrowTo move down
ESCTo get back to the previous option
BackspaceTo get back to the previous option
ITo display the information about the selected media
STo display the power options (Shutdown, Sleep, and Hibernate)
Print ScreenTo take a Screenshot
CTRL + STo take a Screenshot
F8To mute/unmute Kodi Media Player
+To increase the volume of Kodi Media Player
To decrease the volume of Kodi Media Player
\To enable/disable full-screen mode
HomeTo jump into the top of the screen
Kodi Shortcuts

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Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Images

Dot (.)To view the next image
Comma (,)To view the previous images
RTo rotate the image through 360 degree
+To zoom in the image
To zoom out the image
ITo display the information about the image (name, path, size, type & more)
XTo stop the slideshow

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Videos

PTo Play the selected video
Space BarTo Play/Pause the video
FTo fast forward the video
Left ArrowTo fast forward the video
RTo rewind the video
Right ArrowTo rewind the video
XTo stop the video
ZTo change the aspect ratio of the video
YTo select the video player
ITo display information about the video
Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Videos
Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Videos

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Audios

Space BarTo Play/Pause the audio
FTo fast forward the audio
RTo rewind the audio
ITo display information about the audio
+To increase the volume
To decrese the volume
F8To mute the audio
NTo display the music playlist which contains all the audio files

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How to Configure Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

The above-mentioned shortcuts are standard and it comes by default. However, you can also customize your keyboard shortcuts by installing the Keymap editor add-on. Just follow these steps to customize your Kodi shortcuts:

#1: Launch your Kodi media player and navigate to the addons page.

#2: Tap Install from Repository.

#3: Now select Kodi Add-on repository -> Program addons -> Keymap editor -> Tap Install to start the installation process.

#4: Once the installation is finished, get back to the Addons page and launch the Keymap editor.

#5: Tap edit and a new window will be displayed to customize your shortcuts.

#6: Now select the category and customize the shortcut according to your convenience.

#7: After customizing the shortcut, tap Save to finish the process.

To Conclude

We hope these keyboard controls will help you to access the Kodi player in a better way. You can also customize your shortcuts by using the above-mentioned method.

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