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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts That Every User Should Know



Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac users can take ultimate advantage of your Mac desktop/laptop with the help of keyboard shortcuts. As the name goes, keyboard shortcuts are a shorter form of commands with which you can navigate or access any features within seconds. For instance, instead of clicking on the File menu and selecting the copy option, you can use Cmd+C as the shortcut to copy any item to the Clipboard. You need not rely on mouse or cursor to do any such functionalities on Mac. Just use Mac keyboard shortcuts to minimize your work while on the other hand, increase your productivity. With this, you can control your Mac, navigate quickly, work with your documents, and do more effortlessly.

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Unlike Windows PC, the keyboard shortcuts for Mac is not the same except a very few. It is because of the variation in the OS. However, those Apple Mac PC users will get the most important and necessary keyboard shortcuts right from the section below.

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Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Power ButtonTurn on your Mac or wake up it from sleep mode/Press and hold for 1.5 sec to put Mac on Sleep mode. Continue holding to turn off it
Command-Tab Switch to the next most used app among the open apps
Space Bar Preview selected item using Quick look
Option+Cmd+Power ButtonPut Mac to sleep
Control+Shift+Power Button Put your display to sleep
Control+Power ButtonMac will restart without saving any open or unsaved documents
Control+Cmd+Media EjectCloses all apps and restart Mac. If there is any
unsaved changes, you will be prompted to save them
Shift+Cmd+QLog out of your user account on macOS. You will be asked to
Option+Shift+QLog out of macOS user account without confirming

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing

Cmd + X Cut the selected item and copy it to the Clipboard
Cmd + CCopy selected item to the Clipboard
Cmd + VPaste the contents of Clipboard into the current app or document
Cmd + ASelect all items
Cmd + ZUndo the Previous command

Common Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Cmd+FFind items in the document/Open a Find window
Shift+Cmd+G Find the previous occurrence
Cmd+GFind Again. Search for the next occurrence of item found previously
Option+Cmd+H View the front app but hides other apps
Cmd+HHide the window of the front app
Cmd+MMinimize the front window to Dock.
Option+Cmd+MMinimize all windows of the front app
Cmd+O Open select item/Open a dialogue to select a file to open
Cmd+PPrint the current document
Cmd+ SSave the current document
Cmd+TOpen the new tab
Cmd+W Close the front window
Option+Cmd+W Close all windows of the app
Option+Cmd+EscForce quit an app
Shift+Cmd+N Create a new folder in Finder
Cmd+Comma(,) Open preferences for the front app

Finder & System Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Cmd+D Duplicate the selected files
Cmd+E Eject the selected disk or volume
Cmd+I Show Get info window of a selected file
Cmd+F Start Spotlight search in Finder window
Cmd+JShow View options
Cmd+KOpen Connect to Server window
Cmd+LMake an alias of the selected item
Cmd+YUse Quick Look to preview selected files
Cmd+NOpen a new Finder window
Cmd+1 View items in Finder window as Icons
Cmd+2View items in Finder window as List
Cmd+3View items in Finder window as Columns
Cmd+3View items in Finder window as Cover Flow
Right Arrow Open the selected folder (works in list view)
Left Arrow Close the selected folder (works in list view)
Cmd+DeleteMove selected items to trash
Brightness Up/Down
Adjust the keyboard brightness in smaller steps

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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Documents

Cmd+BTurn on/off boldfacing, boldface the selected text
Cmd+ITurn on/off italics, italicize the selected text
Cmd+KAdd a weblink
Cmd+UTurn on/off underlining, underline the selected text
Cmd+TShow/hide Fonts window
Cmd+DSelect the Desktop folder from within the Open dialogue or Save dialogue
Move the insertion point to the end of the document
Cmd+Up ArrowMove the insertion point to the beginning of the document
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the current line
Cmd+ Right
Move the insertion point to the end of the current line
Control+AMove to the start of the line/paragraph
Control+EMove end of the line/paragraph
Control+BMove one character backward
Control+FMove one character forward
Control+LCenter the cursor/selection in the visible area
Control+PMove up one line
Control+NMove down one line
Control+OInsert a new line after the insertion point
Control+TSwap character behind the insertion point with a
character in front of the insertion point

To Conclude

The most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts are discussed in this article. You can make use of these shortcuts to improve your productivity. On the other hand, mac shortcuts will considerably improve your workflow.

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