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How to Download Mobdro Apk [2021]



Download Mobdro

With the increasing accessibility of the internet across the world, the days of using television sets to watch popular movies and TV shows are gone. Video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and much more have increased the popularity of online video streaming apps. Among them, Mobdro Apk is one of the applications that stream popular movies and TV shows for free.

What is Mobdro Apk?

Mobdro is a popular video streaming application that lets you download and streams free movies and TV shows in HD quality. It also helps you to streams popular TV series, channels, music, news, podcasts, sports, documentaries and much more. With an active internet connection, you can download your favorite movies and TV shows for offline access. The Mobdro app is available on two version: Freemium and Premium. You can watch media contents on both versions. But the premium version will give additional features like Chromecast support, ad-free media and much more. Mobdro is accessible on all Android OS devices and you can install it without any hassle. Read further and know how to install Mobdro on Android OS devices.

Download Mobdro
What is Mobdro?

How to download Mobdro App on Android Mobiles/Tablets?

Mobdro is officially not available on Google Play Store. Hence you need to access third-party sources to download this app.

#1: Open your Web browser. (We recommend you to use Google Chrome).

#2: With the help of search bar, search for Mobdro Apk.

#3: From the search results, open the reputed third party websites like Apkpure.

Mobdro apk
Download Mobdro Apk File

#4: Navigate to downloading page and download the latest version of Mobdro Apk file.

#5: When prompt, tap OK to download the installer file.

Mobdro apk
Tap OK

#6: After downloading the installer file, navigate to the download folder and run the downloaded file.

#7: Select Install to continue and wait for the downloading process to get completed.

Mobdro apk
Mobdro App Installation

#8: Tap Open to launch the app.

Mobdro apk

#9: That’s it. Now you can enjoy streaming your favorite free movies and TV shows for free.

Mobdro app
Mobdro App

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How to download Mobdro on Android TV?

Android TV users can use the above mentioned procedure if they had installed web browser on their Android TV. Other wise, they can use this method to access Mobdro on their Android TV:

#1: Launch the Chrome browser on your PC/Mac.

#2: Search for Mobdro Apk.

#3: Download the latest version of Mobdro Apk file from the third-party websites like Apkpure.

#4: Now copy the downloaded file to USB drive.

#5: After copying the downloaded file, connect the USB drive to your Android TV.

#6: Open the file manager and run the Mobdro Apk file.

#7: Go through the usual on-screen instruction and wait for few minutes.

#8: After installation, you can launch the Mobdro App from the Apps section to watch free movies and TV shows.

Mobdro FAQ’s

Is Mobdro Free to Use?

Yes. Mobdro App is completely free to download and use. You can use the application to watch movies and TV shows without any charges. But you can also purchase the premium version to access the advanced features like ad-free, Chromecast support, more number of channels and much more.

Where to get Premium version?

Mobdro users can purchase the premium version within the app. To get the premium version, select the Mobdro logo -> Tap Go Premium -> Purchase the premium version.

Is Mobdro Safe to Use?

Yes. The Mobdro is completely safe to use. Since it is not available on Google Play Store, you have to download the Mobdro app from the trusted websites.

Why Mobdro App is not officially available on Google Play Store?

The answer is simple. Google Play Store doesn’t allow the apps which streams illegal media. Some of the media in Mobdro app is copyrighted and it streams those media for free. Hence, Mobdro app is not available on the Google Play Store.

Where to get Mobdro App?

As we mentioned earlier, you can download the Mobdro app from the third party websites like Apkpure. You can also download the Mobdro app from the official website (

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