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How to install Netflix on Nintendo Switch?



Nintendo Switch is a two-way video game console developed by Nintendo. It was launched in March 2017. Nintendo Switch is a perfect gaming console for gamers. It can be used as a portable and stationary device. You can play games either you are in your home or in any public places. Nintendo Switch is an all in one gaming app. It has over 2000 games and counting. Apart from gaming, you can also stream videos on Nintendo. With the Hulu app, you can stream on-demand videos and popular movies on Nintendo. Like Hulu, Netflix is also working closely to enter Nintendo.

Netflix on NIntendo

Netflix, the online streaming service giant is one of the major missing features in Nintendo. Netflix is one of major streaming platform for binge movie watchers and series lovers. Updates are coming that the It is closely working to expand its services in Nintendo consoles. People are eagerly waiting for the Netflix enabled Nintendo devices. On comparing to Hulu, Netflix is far superior. Hulu is available only in the US and Japan, whereas Netflix is available in 190 countries. Since Netflix is available in Nintendo 3Ds, people are having a ray of hope that Netflix will be soon available on Nintendo Switch.

Netflix on NIntendo

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Is Nintendo Switch capable of Netflix?

If you question that the Switch doesn’t have the capability to run Netflix. Surely, No. The switch has the capability to stream Netflix. With docked, Switch runs at 1080p resolution at up to 60 frames per second. While undocked, it runs at 720p resolution at up to 30 frames per second. Netflix has content at both 720 and 1080 pixels. So, Switch is capable of streaming Netflix. A word from the Nintendo officials is the only spec needed for Switch to stream Netflix.

Netflix on NIntendo

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Why Netflix isn’t available on Nintendo Switch?

Currently, Nintendo official are feeling that the Switch is made especially for gamers. The adoption of streaming services to it may ruin it. But they said that they may change their thoughts about Netflix. Since Netflix is available in other Nintendo devices, there is no need to rush. Surely, Netflix will be available on Switch in due time. They said that unlike other Nintendo consoles, Switch is more of a gaming console than a streaming device. We need to wait for some time to get Netflix on Switch.

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Wrap Up

The only thing that is separating Switch from Netflix is the official’s decision. Only time will have an answer for us. If Netflix comes to Nintendo Switch, we will be the first one to write the installation guide for it.

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