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How to Install & Watch Netflix on Chromebook



Netflix on Chromebook

Netflix is one of the best streaming services that is available for almost every device, including Chromebook. If you have enabled the Google Play Store on your Chromebook, you can directly install the Netflix app from the Play Store. Alternatively, you can use any browser on your device to watch movies on the Netflix website. With Netflix, you can stream all the latest movies and TV series up to UHD quality. By installing Netflix, you can convert your Chromebook into a streaming hub.

How to get Netflix on Chromebook

How to Install Netflix App on Chromebook Via Google Play Store

Firstly, enable Play Store to run Android apps on your Chromebook. Then, connect the Chromebook to strong WiFi.

1. Open the Play Store on your Chromebook.

2. Navigate to the Search bar on the Play Store and type Netflix.

3. Select the Netflix app and tap Install to download the app.

Netflix on Chromebook
Netflix on Chromebook

4. Launch the Netflix app after installation.

5. Sign in with your Netflix account credentials and start streaming your favorite movies or TV series on your Chromebook.

Sign in

How to Stream Netflix on Chromebook Via Web Browser

1. Open any browser or Firefox browser on your Chromebook.

2. Go to the Netflix website ( and log in with your account credentials.

Go to Netflix website using a browser

3. After signing in, play any content on the Netflix app and stream it on your Chromebook.

How to Download Netflix Movies & Series on Chromebook

Based on the plan you have subscribed to, you can download the Netflix content in the required quality.

1. Open the Netflix app on your Chromebook.

2. Login with your Netflix account credentials.

3. Tap the Menu icon and select Available for Download, or you can directly search the title in the search bar. If the download button is present, then the content is available to download and watch offline.

Available for Download section

4. Click the Download icon and wait for the video to download.

5. Once downloaded, go to the My Downloads section and stream the video on your Chromebook.

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Chromebook

If the Netflix app loads the content slowly or if the screen often freezes, make use of the basic DIY fixes below to resolve it.

1. Ensure that you have the required Internet speed of 3Mbps or higher to play Netflix videos in HD.

2. Clear the app cache on your Chromebook and restart it.

3. Uninstall the app on Chromebook and reinstall it if clearing the cache doesn’t fix the issue.

4. Change your browser or use the updated Netflix app to stream.

5. Update the ChromeOS and the Netflix app to the latest version.

Netflix: Subscription Plans

The prices of the plans vary based on the country, and there will be an additional tax based on your location. You can also cancel the Netflix subscription on iPhone if you no longer intend to use the service.

PlansPrice/ Month
Standard with ads$6.99
Basic $9.99

Why is VPN Necessary for Streaming Netflix?

Netflix is accessible worldwide. But, certain media content on Netflix is geo-restricted in some countries due to various reasons. To access those restricted Netflix videos, you must install and use a VPN on your Chromebook. In addition, VPN also encrypts your online activities and prevents others from tracking. We recommend you use ExpressVPN. If you aren’t satisfied with ExpressVPN, take a look at the other best Netflix VPNs.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can I download Netflix on my Chromebook?

Yes, you can download Netflix from the Google Play Store.

2. Is there a free trial on Netflix?

No, Netflix stopped offering the free trial.

3. Which is the best alternative to Netflix?

Amazon Prime Video is the best alternative to Netflix. You can also install the Prime Video on Chromebook from the Play Store.

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