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How to Watch Netflix on Roku in 2021



Netflix on Roku

Roku is a popular media streaming device that lets you watch free and paid videos on your TV through the Internet. There are dozens of streaming applications available on the Roku channel store. Netflix is one of the applications that come pre-installed in Roku streaming devices. By installing Netflix, you can watch all the latest & popular movies on the larger screens. However, streaming services are often bound by geo-restrictions, so some of the Netflix movies and TV shows might not be available for your region. We recommend you to use a VPN to avoid geo-restriction problems. Read further and know how to watch Netflix on Roku connected TV devices.

Netflix on Roku

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Is Netflix Free on Roku?

No. Netflix is not free on any device. You need to pay money to watch movies and TV shows on Roku or any other devices. Here are the three different price plans for Netflix:

  • Basic Plan – $8.99/month
  • Standard Plan – $12.22/month
  • Premium Plan – $15.99/month

Note: New users will get a one-month free trial on all plans.

How to Setup Netflix on Roku?

It is very easy to Setup Netflix. Just follow these simple steps to watch your favorite movies and TV series on Roku through Netflix App:

#1: Connect your Roku to the TV and launch the Netflix app.

(Most of the Roku devices will come with pre-installed Netflix app. If not, you can download it from the Roku Channel store)

#2: Just follow the on-screen instruction to receive the activation code.

#3: Now, log in to your Netflix account on PC or mobile.

#4: Now go through the following menu: Click Your Account & Help -> Scroll down and select Watching Instantly on Your TV or Computer -> Click Activate a Netflix Ready Device.

#5: Enter the activation code that displayed on the TV.

#6: Within a few seconds, your Netflix media will be loaded on your Roku connected TV.

Netflix on Roku
Setup Netflix

How to fix Netflix Not Working on Roku Issue?

Here are the few things that you need to check if you encounter any errors while streaming Netflix

  • Check your Connection Settings: Sometimes, you may face some errors if you lost connection to the Internet. You can check that by navigating to Home -> Settings -> Network.
  • Make sure Roku is updated: Installing the latest version is very important to keep everything nice and smooth. To check for Roku updates, navigate to Home -> Settings -> System -> Software Update -> Check Now.
  • Re-install Netflix App: Even though Netflix comes as a pre-installed app, you can uninstall and re-download the app to avoid streaming errors. You can re-install the Netflix app from Roku Channel Store.
  • Restart Your Roku: More often, restarting your Roku device will fix the common errors while accessing Netflix. Unplug your Roku for 15-20 seconds and then reboot it. After reboot, wait for few minutes and then launch the Netflix app.

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Final Thoughts

You can easily setup Netflix on Roku to watch popular movies and TV shows. As we mentioned earlier, you can use Roku VPNs to avoid geo-restriction problems. We hope the article will bring you unlimited Netflix entertainment to your television screen. Thank you for visiting For further queries and feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

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