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How to Install Plex on PS5 [PlayStation5]



Among various streaming devices available to stream videos, movies, and TV shows, Plex is one of the best free apps. Plex Media Server is a global media streaming service that allows you to find and access all the media content on any device. It organizes all the movies, shows, and new timeline shows, thus making them easier to access. You can download the Plex app for free on any device. This article is limited to giving you a brief about Plex on PS5.

Highlights on Plex

  • With Plex, you can stream over 100+ free live TV Channels and on-demand content.
  • Plex also offers parental controls in the latest versions.
  • Plex is compatible with most streaming devices like smart TVs, gaming consoles, phones, tablets, etc.,
  • You can stream IPTV content, catch-up shows, on-demand videos, live TV, etc., in HD quality with its premium plan.
  • You can access all the shows with subtitles on Plex.

Subscription Plans

  • Monthly Plan- $4.99
  • Yearly Plan – $39.99
  • Lifetime Plan – $149.99

How to Download Plex on PS5

Plex app is available for PlayStation. So, you can download and install the Plex app on PlayStation directly.

Quick Guide: Launch PS5 home, click Media > Select All Apps > Select Plex > Click Download > Launch the app and activate it.

The steps to install Plex on PS5 are as follows.

1) In the PlayStation 5 console, go to Media.

2) Under the Media tab, select the All Apps icon. It displays all the apps in PlayStation5.

Select All App icon in PlayStation5.

3) Now, select the Plex app from the list of apps.

Select Plex app to download.

4) Select the Download option to install the Plex app.

Download the Plex app on Playstation5.

5) After the app gets downloaded, install it.

6) Finally, the Plex app is available in the Media tab of PlayStation5.

App is available in home page of PlayStation5.

You can also check on the steps to install Plex on PS3 and PS4.

How to Activate Plex on PS5

The steps to activate the Plex app on PlayStation 5 are as follows.

1) In the PlayStation5, go to Media.

2) Select the Plex app on PlayStation5. The Plex app gets open.

3) Now, select the Sign-in option in Plex.

Sign in to Plex app to activate it.

4) Select the Sign-in option again if it prompts. It displays the code on the PlayStation5 connected TV.

Activation code is displayed.

5) Now, on your mobile device or computer, open the official Plex website to sign in to the same Plex account that you want to sign in to on the PlayStation5.

Sign in to the Plex website with the same account and enter activation code to activate Plex on PlayStation5.

6) Now, enter the Activation code that appears on the PlayStation 5 connected TV screen and select Link.

7) After the activation, you can start streaming Plex on PS5.

8) Finally, the favorite content in the Plex app is ready to stream on the PlayStation5 console.

Plex can also be streamed in PS5 from Android phones. This app is more compatible with mobile phones. By using screen mirroring methodology, the Plex app from android mobile can be streamed on PlayStation5. You can also set up Plex live TV and DVR.


Is Plex available in PlayStation5?

No, it is not pre-installed in PlayStation5. You have to download it from the PlayStation Store.

Is Plex free on PS5?

Plex is free, but the paid Plex Pass adds some features like offline viewing, sharing facilities, and discounts on other streaming services.

Can we sign in to Plex only with the email account?

You can sign in to Plex with an email address, Google, Facebook, or Apple account.

Why is Plex not working on PS5?

If Plex on PS5 keeps buffering, connect your console with a proper internet network and try again.

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