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How to Play Apple Music on PS5/ PlayStation 5



Apple Music on PS5

Apple Music is the most popular music and video streaming service that offers millions of songs. It is developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for Apple users. However, it can be streamed on other devices like Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, PS5, Amazon Echo, PC, Android Phone/ Tablet, and Google Nest. It provides new personalized, curated playlists to the users. You can experience good audio with the dynamic head tracking sound and 4K video quality. It gives song options for the gamers to match the music with the game. Let us check how to listen to Apple Music on PS5.

How to Download and Use Apple Music on PlayStation 5

You can easily get the Apple Music app on your PlayStation 5 from the PlayStation Store.

Quick Guide: On PS5 , click Media > Select All Apps > Search Apple Music > Select the app > Click Download > Launch it > Sign In to stream Apple Music.

1) Open PlayStation5 and go to the Media tab that is available in the top-right corner of the home screen page.

Go to Media in PlayStation5 home page.

2) Select the All Apps icon under Media.

Select All Apps icon under Media.

3) It displays all the apps available in PlayStation Store. Search for the Apple Music app.

4) Once you find the Apple Music app, select the Download option on the app description page.

5) Launch the Apple Music app from the Apple Music home.

6) Select the Sign in option. Enter the account details and sign in to the account.

7) Then, select Link Accounts to link your account with the PlayStation Network account. Whenever a PSN account is logged in, the Apple Music account will be automatically logged in.

8) Choose to play any song on Apple Music and enjoy streaming it on PS5.

How to Listen to Apple Music on PS5 while Gaming

You can play Apple Music while playing games on your PS5 gaming console.

1) While playing a game, press the PS button.

2) It navigates to the Control center. In the control center, select the Music option.

3) Select a song from the Apple Music app. The song will play automatically once selected. It appears as a card in the control center.

The song played will appear as a card in control center.

4) Press PS again to return to the game.

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How to Stream Apple Music Offline on PS5

You can convert songs using iTunes Audio Converter to play Apple Music while offline or with a poor internet connection.

1) Download the Apple Music app on your computer or login to the Apple website using the Chrome browser.

2) Select the Playlist in the Apple Music library.

3) Click Add to add the playlist to the iTunes Audio Converter.

4) Go to Settings to set the audio quality and format.

5) Then, press the Convert option.

6) All the converted songs will be stored in the default storage folder on your computer. The playlist will be available in the default folder, under the converted section.

7) Connect USB flash drive to computer and transfer all the songs to new folder Music.

8) Now connect USB to PS5, go to the Content area >> Library >> USB Music Player.

9) Finally, you can play the Apple Music songs offline while playing the game.

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Does PS4 have Apple Music?

Unfortunately, no. Apple Music is not officially available on PlayStation 4.

Is Apple Music down?

Apple Music customers are currently facing some outages, but Apple has promised to fix it as soon as possible.

Why is Apple Music not working on PS5?

Restart and relaunch the latest version of the app. For more details, you can contact Apple Music Customer service at 000 800 100 9009.

How does Apple Music work?

Apple Music is a music streaming service that is most similar to other on-demand streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora.

How to unlink Apple Music from PlayStation Network?

Open the Apple Music app and click on your account. Select Log out, and thus, your Apple Music account will get unlinked to the PS Network.

Can you get Apple Music on Xbox One?

Apple Music is not officially available on Xbox One.

Does Apple Music support Spatial Audio on PS5?

Apple Music may not support Spatial Audio on the PS5 as the console has limited Bluetooth support.

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