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How to Record Gameplay on PS5 [PlayStation 5]



How to Record Gameplay on PS5

PlayStation 5 is the latest gaming console launched by Sony on November 2020. There are two models available in PS5: PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Most gaming users may look to share their gameplay with others. In that scenario, PlayStation 5 offers built-in support to take screenshots and record gameplay. The gameplay can be recorded on HD quality, and you can edit them to share on your YouTube pages. If you’re a new user of PS5, the following guide will show the necessary steps to record the gameplay.

How to Record Gameplay on PS5 [PlayStation 5]

[1] Turn on your PS5 console and go through the setup process if it is a new device.

[2] Tap the Create button that you can see on the top of the controller. It will pause the gaming activities.

Record Gameplay on PS5 : Press the Create button

[3] Select the Capture options in the bottom right corner.

[4] It will display five different options:

  • Screenshot File Type
  • Video Clip File Type
  • Manual Recording Resolution
  • Include Your Mic’s Audio
  • Include Party Audio

[5] Select Video Clip File Type and then choose either Most Efficient (WebM) or Most Compatible (MP4) format.

Record Gameplay on PS5 : Video clip File Type.

[6] Select Start Recording to record the on-screen activities. A timer will appear to confirm that.

 Manual Recording Resolution

[7] If you want to end the recording, press the create button and click Stop Recording.

Record Gameplay on PS5 : click Stop Recording

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How to Edit, Share and Save the Clips

[1] Go to the PS5 home screen and click Media Gallery.

[2] Select the video clip that you want to share.

PlayStation 5 Media Gallery

Note – Click the brush icon to edit the respective video. The editing option includes trimming and choosing a cover image.

[3] To share your gameplay, click the arrow icon, which appears as the first option.

[4] You can also save videos to your USB drive-by

  • Click the three-dotted menu icon.
  • Select Copy to USB Media Device.

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These are the steps that you need to follow for showcasing your gaming activities with others. Saving the video clips to your USB drive is an effective way to create attractive videos as it lets you edit them with third-party video editors.

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