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How to Stream Sling TV on PS5/ PlayStation 5



Sling TV on PS5

Sling TV is a streaming service that streams live TV channels, on-demand content, and sports shows. It offers 85,000+ movies and 200+ channels that include Disney, ESPN, Fox, Cartoon Network, etc. It is a good choice to stream local and live channels at a minimal cost. Moreover, you can download the videos to stream offline with its cloud DVR storage. It has the best user-friendly interface, that lets you access videos under different genres like Entertainment, News, Kids, Lifestyle, and Sports. Sling TV is compatible with many TV devices, but it doesn’t include a PS5 console.

Subscription for Sling TV

Sling TV offers three types of subscription plans. They are

  • Sling Orange – $35/month with 31 live TV channels.
  • Sling Blue – $35/month with 51 live TV channels.
  • Orange+ Blue – $50 with 47 channels.

It allows selecting the add-on channels with its subscription package.

How to Watch Sling TV on PS5

At present, Sling TV is not available in the PlayStation Store. So you can’t stream Sling TV directly on PS5. However, you can stream Sling TV on PS5 using the casting feature on Android phones, iPhones, PC, and Mac devices.

How to Cast Sling TV on PS5 using Android/iOS devices

To Screencast Sling TV from Android and iOS devices on PS5, you have to install the PS Remote Play app on the phone device. The app is available in the Play Store and App Store. Also, connect both the PlayStation5 and phone device to the same Wi-Fi network.

1) Install the Sling TV app on your Android or iOS phone.

2) Launch the app and login to the Sling TV app with your account details.

Login to Sling TV in your mobile device.

3) Open the PS remote play app and log in with your PS account credentials to connect your phone and PS5 console.

4) On your PS5 home page, click on the Settings option.

5) Then, select System under Settings.

6) Click on the Remote Play option and turn it on. This will enable the Remote Play feature on PS5.

Enable Remote Play option in PS5

7) Now, scroll down and find the Power Saving option under the System panel.

8) It displays three options. Select the Features Available in Rest Mode option and turn it on to put PS5 in rest mode.

Enable Features Available in Rest Mode

9) On the next page, select the checkboxes near Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning on PS5 from the network.  


10) Now, you can access the PS5 devices using the PS Remote Play app on your smartphone.

11) Play any video title on Sling TV and stream it on your PlayStation 5 device.

Using similar steps, you can cast and stream Sling TV on a PS4 device.

How to Get Sling TV on PlayStation 5 using a PC

1) Download the PS Remote Play app and Sling TV from the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC

2) Log in to the PS Remote Play app with your PS account credentials.

3) On PS5 home, go to Settings > System > Remote Play and enable it.

Enable Remote Play option in PS5

4) Under System scroll down to select Power Saving.

5) Enable the Turn on Features Available in Rest Mode option. This will put PS5 in rest mode.

Enable Features Available in Rest Mode

6) Tickmark Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning on PS5 from the network. 


7) Now, launch the Sling TV app on your PC and sign in with your account credentials.

8) Choose any content and it will stream on your PS5 console.

Best Alternatives for Sling TV

If you considered streaming Sling TV on PlayStation 5 is a long process. Then you can opt for other streaming platforms that are natively available on PlayStation Store. Here are some of the best streaming apps for PS5

PS5 is an excellent gaming console that makes gaming more interesting. It allows you to record gameplay, stream movies, and much more. You can stream Sling TV using the casting method mentioned above.


Does PS5 have a Sling TV?

No, you can’t install the Sling TV app from the PlayStation Store. However, you can cast its content using a smartphone/ PC.

What devices are compatible with Sling TV?

Sling TV is compatible with Xbox, Amazon Firestick, Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and more.

Is Sling TV free?

Sling TV is a paid subscription, but it offers a free trial.

Can you cast Sling TV to PS5?

Yes, you can cast Sling TV to PlayStation 5 console.

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