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How to Use Discord on PS5



Discord on PS5

Discard is an instant messaging platform in the gaming world. It makes it easy for anyone to talk over voice, video, and text with friends or strangers. It is a free chat app that creates a home for communities and friends to chat. This platform is precisely focused on gamers and adults. It is the biggest communication app in the gaming world that makes the gaming journey great for users. Besides gaming, it is also used for normal chatting purposes. Discord is used on PS5 by gamers to chat in-between the games.

Can you Get Discord on PS5?

PlayStation offers a chat application PlayStation Party to the users to chat with their friends and stay connected. But gamers prefer Discord over the PlayStation party apps because of its efficiency in connecting with other gamers. There is no official Discord app for PlayStation5. However, there are two ways through which you can use Discord on PlayStation5.

How to Get Discord on PS5 Using a Website

The simplest method to access Discord on PlayStation5 is just by clicking the official link of Discord in PlayStation Party Chat. The steps are as follows.

1) Open the PlayStation Party app in PlayStation5.

2) In the Chatbox of PlayStation Party, open the friends chat and send the official Discord website link.

In the PlayStation Party chat box, open the official Discord link.

3) Now, open the link.

4) It will be direct to the Discord website.

Discord web version is opened on PS5.

5) Sign in with your account and chat with your friends.

Use Discord web version on PS5 by using signing into Discord account.

Note: It is possible to switch between the game and browser whenever you want to chat. Also, there is no necessity to download the app.

An alternate way to use Discord on PS5

In this method, to use Discord on PlayStation 5 you need hardware like Mix-amp, Cable, and a headset. The following steps are

1) First, Connect the optical cable between Mix-amp and PS5.

2) Go to Settings on your PlayStation.

Select Settings on PS homepage

3) Now, select Sound, and under that, select Audio Output.

Discord on PS5

4) Next, connect PlayStation and PC with the USB cable. One end of the USB cable is connected to the base station, and the other end is connected to the Personal Computer. Moreover, the base station should be in PC mode.

5) Open the Discord app on PC and go to voice & video settings.

6) Then, change the Input Device to the Mix-amp device.

Change the voice settings to use Discord on PS5.

7) Connect a 3.5 mm audio jack and run it from PC speakers.

8) Now, again open the Discord app on PC. Now go to voice settings and change the output device with PC speakers.

9) Thus, Discord is available on PS5.

Gamers can chat in the Discord and switch to play games on PlayStation simultaneously.

How to Connect your PlayStation Network with Discord

Let us see the simple steps to connect a PSN account with Discord.

1) Open the Discord app and enter the User Settings at the bottom of the page.

Click Settings at the bottom of the page

2) Select Connections and choose the PlayStation button.

3) Next, sign in using your PlayStation account credentials.

4) Thus, the app is connected to the PSN account.


Is Discord on PS5 or PS4?

No, there is no official Discord app on PS5 or PS4.

When is Discord coming to PS5?

You can now connect to Discord on PS5 using the two methods mentioned above.

Does PlayStation 5 have a built-in browser?

No, a built-in browser is available only on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console.

How to use Discord in a safe way?

The safe way to use Discord is to accept friend requests and chat only with the people you know.

Is Discord good for kids?

This contains adult content, and it is not good for young children.

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