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How to Watch Hulu on PS4 [2020]



Hulu on PS4

Hulu is a popular on-demand streaming platform, similar to Netflix. It gives you unlimited access to popular TV shows in addition to the huge library of Hulu originals – unique shows which you can’t find anywhere. You can watch those episodes with either limited commercials or without commercials. Hulu is officially accessible on platforms like Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation (PS4 and PS3), and Xbox consoles. Here, we will show how to get this app on PlayStation 4.


Based in the Hulu is not accessible outside the US and its territory regions. You need to use the VPN on your PlayStation to access Hulu outside the US. Meanwhile, PlayStation doesn’t have a dedicated VPN client. You need to configure it manually on your router. Learn how to use VPN on PlayStation?

How to Download Hulu App on PlayStation 4?

On PlayStation 4, Hulu app is officially on the PlayStation store. Hence, the downloading process is very simple and quick.

#1: Launch your PlayStation 4 and head to the PlayStation Store.

#2: Head to the Apps menu and find the Hulu app. (You can also use the search menu to find the Hulu app.)

#3: Select and open the Hulu app.

#4: Select Download to install the app.

#5: Wait for some time as the downloading will take some time depending on your internet speed.

#6: Once downloaded, you can launch it from there or from the home screen.

Hulu on PS4

How to Watch Hulu on PS4?

#1: Open a web browser on your mobile or PC and sign up for Hulu. Currently, three subscription plans available in Hulu:

  • $5.99 – one month (with ads)
  • $11.99 – one month (without ads)
  • $54.99 – one month (Hulu + Live TV)

#2: After signing up, launch the Hulu app that you installed on the PlayStation console.

#3: Click Log In and enter the login credentials that you used to register for Hulu.

#4: After signing in, you can start streaming your Hulu contents.

How to Watch Hulu Live on PlayStation 4 (PS4)?

To watch Live TV through Hulu, you need to download any additional app. Just sign up for Hulu + Live TV plan ($54.99/month) and get access to streaming live TV on the normal Hulu app. If you’re a new user to Hulu, you will get one-week free trial while signing up for the Hulu + Live TV. It gives you access to stream channels from networks like A&E, ABC, BBC America, CMT, Comedy Central, FOX, NBC, TBS and more.

Hulu Live on PlayStation 4

Is Hulu available on PS3 [PlayStation 3]?

Yes. Hulu app is also available on PlayStation 3. Follow the same procedure mentioned above to download the Hulu app on your PS3 console.

Final Thoughts

Hulu is a perfect platform to get access to all popular shows through the PlayStation console. As it is available only in the US, you need a good VPN service to bypass the restriction.

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