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How to Access Hidden Web Browser on PS5



PS5 Web Browser

Though the Web Browser does not have maximum usage in the PlayStation console, it is sometimes required for browsing the Internet. Unlike PS4, PS5 does not have an in-built browser app. But PS5 contains a hidden web browser. You have to undergo some tricky steps to activate the web browser on PS5. You can easily access the web browser with or without a PSN account. Before accessing the browser, you have to enable a few settings on the PS5 settings page.

Customize Web Browser Settings on PS5:

Before accessing the web browser on your PS5, there are some options you must enable first.

1. First, click the Settings icon on the PlayStation 5 home page.

2. From settings, click on the System option.

3. Next, select Web Browser and enable Allow Cookies, Enable JajaScript, and Prevent Cross-Site Tracking options. If it is toggled up in default, leave it as it is.

Access the Web Browser Settings on PS5

By enabling these options, you can use the web browser without any hindrance.

How to Access Secret Browser on PS5 Via Game Base

If you have a PSN account, you can easily access the web browser on your device. Make sure to connect the PS5 to WiFi before moving into the steps below.

1. Hit the PS button on your controller and click the Game Base icon at the bottom.

Select Game Base Option

2. Select Messages from the appeared dialogue box.

3. Now, choose any of your friends or create a dummy account for yourself.

4. After that, type and send the message.

Note: You can stream IPTV on PS5 by sending the web IPTV Player link to your friend.

Type to Access the Web Browser on PS5

5. Once you send the message, it will convert into a link.

6. Tap the link to get into the Google web browser and start surfing the Internet on your PS5 console.

How to Access Hidden Web Browser on PS5 Via Twitter

1. Turn On the PlayStation 5 and navigate to the home screen.

2. Hit the Settings icon on the home screen.

Settings icon on PS5

3. Tap System from the Settings menu and select the Users and Accounts option.

Tap System

4. Now, select the Link With Other Services option.

Link Twitter account

5. From the submenu, select Twitter and click Link Account.

Link Twitter account to PlayStation

6. Now, you can see a pop-up window that will ask you to enter your Twitter account details. But you can click the Twitter icon, which will take you to the standard Twitter log-in Page.

7. Type your account details and log in to your official Twitter account.

Log In to Twitter

8. When the process is completed, you can see the Twitter home screen on PS5.

9. Visit the official Twitter account of any service or product.

10. Tap the official website link of the service displayed under the BIO section to visit and access the website on PS5.

If you find any issues while performing this method, restart the PS5 and try again.

How to Access Socia Media Websites on PS5

If you don’t have a PSN account, you cannot send messages to anyone. But this is way too big a process. You have to locate a social media icon to get into the web browser. Make sure that you have a stronger internet connection.

1. Hit the Settings icon from your Play Station home page.

2. Select the User’s Guide, Health and Safety, and Other Information option.

3. Again, click on the User’s Guide option. Now, the PS5 User Guide page will open up with a browser.

Select the User's Guide option

4. Now, search for any links like support links, social media, or any other things. It will be better if you choose the PlayStation support link. This url will navigate you to the Google web browser, where you can see the support page.

Click on the PlayStation support link

5. Scroll down and select Contact Play Station support. On the current page, click on Connectivity and select PSN Status.

Select PSN Status to Access the Web Browser on PS5

6. Then, select Back to from the top-right corner. Now, you will be navigated to the PlayStation official website.

Click on the link

7. At the end of the web page, you can see various social media icons like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Select the Social Media icon

8. From that, select any of the icons. Here, I have selected YouTube. From the left panel, select the Sign In option and log in to your account.

Select Sign In to Access the Web Browser on PS5

9. Play any content on the YouTube website and watch it on your PS5-connected TV.

How to Get Web Browser on PS5 Using Custom DNS

You can also access the web browser on your PlayStation 5 using a custom DNS.

1. Initially, get into the Settings page on your PlayStation.

2. From the current screen, select Network, followed by Settings again.

Select Network

3. Now, click on Set Up Internet Connection.

4. Select any of the Internet connections and click on Advanced Settings from the appeared option.

Select Advanced

5. Scroll down and select DNS Settings and change it to Manual. Next, change the Primary and Secondary DNS. Once done, select the OK option. Now, your PS5 will start to connect with the access point.

Change the DNS Address to access the web browser on PS5

6. After that, head back to the home page, click on the Profile icon, and log out. In the meantime, your PS5 will refresh all the caches, cookies, bugs, and so on.

7. Sign in back into your PlayStation account and hit the Settings icon from the home page.

8. Select the User’s Guide, Health and Safety, and Other Information option, followed by User Guide.

9. Since you changed those DNS addresses, you have to confirm your certificate again. From the appeared dialogue box, select Yes, and you will be redirected to the Categories section of the PS5 jailbreaking site.

Jail-breaking site of PS5

10. Normally, it contains an URL redirector. To get it, grab your PlayStation console and press the L2 button twice. Now, the URL Redirector menu will appear on your screen.

11. In the first box, type the name of the website you prefer, eg., and hit Submit. Once done, you will redirect to the Google Home page, where you can start surfing.

Enter the web browser link to Access it on PS5


1. Does PS5 have a web browser?

No, PS5 doesn’t have a dedicated web browser app. But you can tweak some settings to access the hidden web browser on PS5.

2. Why there is no web browser on my PS5?

PS consoles are used for gaming purposes only. So, Sony has decided to launch the PS5 consoles without any browser.

3. Is there a web browser on PS4?

Yes. PS4 has an in-built web browser app.

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