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How to Use Popcorn Time for Windows [App & Website]



Popcorn Time for Windows

Popcorn Time is free software that lets you stream movies and TV shows in HD resolution for free. Since its inception, Popcorn Time has received huge popularity among internet users and it is considered a potential alternative to the video streaming services like Netflix. Popcorn Time platform is available as an app and also as a website. On your Windows PC, you can use the Popcorn Time app on both the app and website.

(Disclaimer: While accessing pirated content on Popcorn Time, use VPN to keep your connection anonymous and secure. It also prevents you from getting into trouble with copyright holders. A proper VPN service will prevent others from tracking your real IP address and network activities. We recommend you use ExpressVPN or NordVPN while accessing the contents on Popcorn time.

How to Download Popcorn Time on Windows

1: Download Popcorn Time for your PC/laptop which runs on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or Windows 7 from the website.

2: Double-click and run the installer file.

3: Tap Next on the installer tab to start the installation process.

Popcorn Time for Windows

4: Tap I Agree to accept the license agreement.

Popcorn Time for Windows

5: Select the installation folder and tap Install.

Popcorn Time for Windows

6: Wait for Popcorn Time to get installed on your Windows computer or laptop.

Popcorn Time for Windows

7: Tap “Finish” to close the installation process.

Popcorn Time for Windows

8: That’s it. You have successfully installed Popcorn Time on your Windows PC.

How to Use Popcorn Time App on Windows

1: Launch the Popcorn Time app on your Windows laptop or computer and tap I accept to agree with the terms of service.

Popcorn Time for Windows

2: For the first time, it will load all the servers and URLs. Wait until it’s done.

loading servers

3: When it is loaded, you will be asked to restart the application. Click the Restart button to restart the app.

Restart Popcorn Time on Windows

4: Now, you will get all the video content. By default, you will get the Movies section.

Popcorn Time home page

5: Click the Series or Anime button to go to the respective section.

Series and Anime

6: Click the Genre drop-down button and choose a preferred genre. You will get video content based on the genre.

Genre drop down button

7: By default, all the video titles are sorted by Trending. If you want, you can change it by clicking the Sort by drop-down button.

8: On the video thumbnail, you will get two icons. Mark as Seen and Add to Bookmark.

Mark as Seen and Add to Bookmarks

9: You can click the Mark as Seen icon to select the video titles that you have seen.

10: Click the Add to Bookmarks icon to add the video title to the Favorites section.

11: The added video title will appear on the Favorites list.

Favorites in Popcorn Time

12: When you click the video title, you will get the home screen.

13: Click the Watch Now button to stream the video title. Click the Download button to download the video file to your PC’s offline storage.

14: You can choose the subtitle language and audio language on the home screen itself.

Subititle and Audio language

15: In the playback screen, you will get the Play/Pause button, Time Slider, Volume Controls, and Video Quality button.

Popcorn Time playback screen

16: Stream your favorite video content with the Popcorn Time app.

How to Use Popcorn Time Website on Windows

1: Open any web browser on your Windows PC and go to the Popcorn Time website.

2: On the website, a lot of features are missing when compared to the app.

3: You will get only the Movies button, TV Shows button, and a Search Bar.

4: Choose or search for a movie or TV show and stream them on the website.

How to fix Popcorn Time Not Working Issue?

From time to time, Popcorn time may run into trouble. Sometimes, it may stop working. To solve that issue, you can uninstall the app and install it again. If the website is not working, you can reload the website or try again after a while. That’s it. Popcorn time will run smoothly on your Windows PC. Watch and enjoy all the movies, TV shows, and games that you can.

Since Popcorn time is illegal in some countries, we recommend you use VPN services like IPVanish, GhostVPN, TorGuard, and more.


1. Is Popcorn Time safe to use?

Popcorn Time is not the safest platform to use. We suggest using VPNs when using Popcorn Time.

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