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How to Install Popcorn Time on Apple TV[Complete Guide]



Popcorn Time on Apple TV

Popcorn Time is the perfect application to high-quality stream movies and TV shows for free, and it is accessible on various platforms like Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and more. To maximize your streaming experience to a new height, you can use the Popcorn Time app on the Apple TV. Once you have decided to install the Popcorn Time on Apple TV without the Jailbreaking process, you should use Cydia Impactor. Using Cydia Impactor doesn’t need to go through the jailbreaking process. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to download the Popcorn Time app on all versions of Apple TV.

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(Note: Since Popcorn Time fetches the media content from the torrents, you must hide your original IP from the ISP, copyright claimers, and anti-piracy alliances. To protect your identity, you must use Popcorn Time VPN to stay completely anonymous).


Since Popcorn Time is not available on the tvOS, you must rely on the sideload installation method to watch the Popcorn Time content through the Apple TV.

  • Cydia Impactor installed Windows or Mac PC
  • USB Cable
  • Apple ID
  • Popcorn Time IPA File

How to install Popcorn Time on Apple TV? [Without Jailbreak]

(Note: Since Apple TV 4K doesn’t have USB support, you can’t use this method on Apple TV 4K devices.)

1. Download and install the latest version of Cydia Impactor on your Windows or Mac PC. Simultaneously, download the Popcorn Time IPA file.

2. Launch Cydia Impactor and connect your computer to the Apple TV with the help of a USB cable.

3. From the list of connected devices, select your Apple TV.

4. Drag the downloaded Popcorn Time IPA file on the Cydia Impactor screen.

5. Enter your Apple ID to validate and sideload the Popcorn Time app.

6. A pop-up message notifying you of Installing apps from the third-party source will be displayed on the screen of your Apple TV. Tap OK and wait for some time to sideload the Popcorn Time app.

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7. Once the process is finished, go to Settings and tap the Profile & Device Management option, which is located under the General menu.

8. From the list of certificates, select the new certificate and tap Trust.

9. Now, you can see a new Popcorn Time icon on your screen.

10. That’s it. You have successfully installed Popcorn Time on Apple TV. Enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

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How to Sideload Popcorn Time to Apple TV using Xcode

Install the Xcode app available on your Mac from the App Store and connect your Mac and Apple TV via USB cable. After you have done the required, follow the steps below.

1. Download the IPA File of Popcorn Time on your Mac using this link

2. Launch the Xcode app on your Mac and click on File > New > Project from the upper right corner.

3. Select the tvOS option and select the Single View app. Then, click on Next from the lower right corner.

Select Single View App

4. Begore, moving to the next step, click on Xcode > Preference from the upper left corner near the Apple icon.

5. Click on the Accounts tab from the pop-up windows.

6. Now, click on the + icon from the lower-left corner.

7. Choose the Apple ID option and login with the Apple ID as you use it on your Apple TV.

8. Next, enter the Product Name as Popcorn Time and organization Identifier as com.[Your Name].Popcorn Time. Then, click on the Next button from the lower-left corner.

9. Now, you have to save the project on your Mac.

Important Note: Before getting below, go to the Xcode app and select the Project you have saved, and in the Deployment field, select your Apple TV.

10. Now, launch the iOS Signer app on your Mac.

11. In the Input File, browse the location of the IPA File of Popcorn Time.

12. In the App Display Name field, enter as Popcorn Time.

13. Then, click on the Start button.

14. Choose the location where you want to save the Popcorn Time File and click on the Save button.

15. Now, click on Windows > Devices & Simulator on the Xcode app.

16. Click on the Apple TV from the left pane. Next, select the + icon from the lower-left corner of the right pane.

Select your Apple TV

17. Select the Popcorn Time IPA File you have saved earlier.

18. Now, the sideloading process will take place.

19. After you have sideloaded the Popcorn Time app, you can launch it to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

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How to AirPlay Popcorn Time to Apple TV

You can follow the steps below to AirPlay Popcorn Time to Apple TV.

NOTE: Make sure that AirPlay is enabled on your Apple TV. If not, go to Settings > AirPlay and HomeKit > AirPlay. Next, turn on the AirPlay.

1. Download and install the Popcorn Time on your iPhone or iPad.

Check here to know How to Download and Install Popcorn Time for iPhone/iPad

2. Next, connect your iPhone or iPad to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Go to the Control Centre and tap on Screen Mirroring.

AirPlay Popcorn Time on Apple TV

4. Next, select your Apple TV.

5. Now, launch the Popcorn Time app and select any movie or TV show.

6. Finally, you can watch Popcorn Time movies and TV shows on your Apple TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Popcorn Time available for Apple TV?

No, Popcorn Time isn’t available for Apple TV.

2. How to get Popcorn Time on Apple TV?

You can use the Cydia Impactor or Xcode to sideload Popcorn Time on Apple TV.

3. Does Popcorn Time work on Mac?

Yes, the Popcorn Time app works on Mac.

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