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How to Download and Setup Plex on Roku?



Plex on Roku

In this modern world, we hate transferring or syncing media to other devices. The reason being, it’s a time-consuming process, and then playing those files on various platforms may require some additional efforts. Fortunately, Plex Media Server has been designed to solve this problem. Plex is accessible on popular platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. The added advantage of Plex compatibility is that it also supports streaming devices like Roku. By installing Plex on Roku, you can access or stream all kind of media contents that you stored on the Plex Media Server. It also lets you stream live TV channels on the Roku connected TV devices. If you have purchased Plex Pass service, you can access various advanced features on the Roku device. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Plex on Roku devices.

Before installing the Plex application, you need to setup Plex Media Server on Windows, Mac or any other NAS devices. Check out our installation guide to

To know more about Plex, read What is Plex Media Player?

How to download Plex on Roku devices?

#1: Connect your Roku device to TV.

#2: Navigate to Channels store and select the Streaming Channels.

#3: Then search for Plex app on the search bar.

#4: From the search results, open the Plex app and tap Add Channel to start the installation process.

#5: Wait for Plex application to get installed on your Roku device.

#6: Once the installation is finished, you will get a notification stating that Plex application has been added to your device. That’s it, you have successfully installed Plex on your Roku device.

How to Setup Plex on Roku Devices?

After installing the Plex application, you need to carry out few more procedures to access the Plex media contents.

#1: Launch Plex application on your Roku device.

#2: Tap Sign In button which located on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Tap Sign In

(Note: You can also create new Plex account by visiting on your browser)

#3: After tapping Sign In, a alpha-numeric code will be presented on your screen.

Plex for Roku

#4: Now visit on your PC or mobile browser and enter the appropriate Plex account login credentials.

#5: Then enter the four-digit alpha numeric code that displayed on the TV.

#6: Once the code is submitted, your Plex channel will refresh automatically. After few seconds, it will be linked with your Plex account.

How to Purchase Plex Pass through Roku App?

Plex Pass subscription is very important to access advanced features like Plex Cloud, offline sync, parental controls, premium music, premium photos and more. While signing into the Plex for the first time, you will have the opportunity to purchase the Plex Pass service. If you’re already signed in to the app, then follow the below mentioned procedures.

#1: On the home screen, tap the user menu option.

#2: Under the user menu, tap Purchase Plex Pass.

Tap Purchase Plex Pass

#3: Select the price plan and enter the Roku account Pin if you have one set for purchases.

Enter the Roku Account Pin

(Note: Currently, the Roku app supports only monthly Plex Pass subscription. If you want yearly or lifetime subscription, you have to purchase Plex Pass service directly from the official website.)

#4: After entering the PIN, you will see the confirmation message on screen stating that “Your subscription is now active.”

Plex Roku App

#5: Now you can access all the Plex pass features on your Roku connected TV device.

To Conclude

If you’re looking for a perfect way to stream your locally owned media from your PC to Roku, then Plex is the best application. As you can see, the installation of Plex on Roku doesn’t requires rocket science. Just download the application and connect with your Plex account. Then enjoy all the Plex media contents on Roku connected TV device.

We hope the article on Plex for Roku is helpful to you. For further queries and feedback, please comment below.

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