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Tips for Fixing Common Roku Problems



Fix Roku Problems

We all know Roku can be a bit of a finicky device and it is not uncommon for Roku to need some troubleshooting. Roku problems range from freezing up, lagging, buffering, or just won’t turn on. This blog post will show you how to fix common Roku problems so that yours is running smoothly again in no time!

The Roku is not being detected by the TV

When Roku isn’t detected by the TV, there are a few things to try before calling Roku customer support.

Try another HDMI port on your TV and Roku, as well as trying other cables (HDMI or power cords) that you know work with Roku. If it still isn’t working, make sure all of the connections between Roku and the internet router/modem is secure by unplugging everything for at least ten seconds and starting over again making sure no one else is using your WiFi network during this time. 

You can also connect directly to your wireless modem if possible to test whether Roku recognizes it without any extra devices interfering.   

There’s no picture on Roku

The picture will not stream on Roku if the device is unable to connect. Usually, this means there’s a problem with your internet connection or Roku itself. If you’re connected over WiFi and still do not see the picture:

● Powercycle (turn off Roku and unplug it for at least 30 seconds before plugging back in)

● Check Roku settings (for auto-detect or manually select a connection type and choose the best choice for your network)

If those steps don’t work, contact Roku Support for further troubleshooting help. When experiencing the Roku no picture error, sometimes a simple restart does the trick. However, the professionals should be able to figure it out if the simple solutions don’t work out. 

Error code 014, 003, or 005 on the screen

When these errors come up, Roku is trying to tell you that there’s a problem with your device. Roku can recognize these errors and will offer some troubleshooting steps for fixing the issue. If it shows an error code, it should display a message on the screen telling you what type of error has occurred as well as any other information about the cause or circumstances related to this specific error code being shown from Roku TV.

If Roku these codes are showing on the screen, Roku needs to be reset. The remote should have a “Reset” button on it that will work for this purpose, if not, there is also an option in the settings menu as well as through Roku’s website and even your Roku account online.

There are three different error codes you might see: Error Code 0014, 003, or 005. If Roku TV shows any of these errors/codes when trying to connect to Netflix (error code 0014), then try unplugging both devices from power outlets at least overnight and then plugging them back into their respective sockets before attempting again.

If Roku TV displays error code 003 or 005 while trying to load Netflix content, press the O button twice until all the Roku TV menu items are displayed. Then, select Netflix or any other Roku channel that’s not working properly and re-launch it. The remote control doesn’t work properly.

If the remote doesn’t work properly, Roku has a few easy steps to fix the problem. 

First, try replacing the remote’s batteries. If that doesn’t work, you can reset your Roku box and reprogram it with the new batteries from or by using Roku mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Check for obstructions around the Roku player as well as any sharp objects located near where you have placed it in order to avoid interference with its signal between itself and its wireless receiver, which is plugged into an HDMI port of your television set. Another option would be to pair a Roku streaming stick plus remotes with multiple Rokus if this problem arises again because there may also be another cause not related directly to a malfunctioning Roku remote.

There are too many buffering issues with streaming videos 

To fix buffering issues on Roku, be sure to have the Roku remote control nearby so you can troubleshoot quickly. If Roku is on and showing buffering messages while trying to watch a streaming video, players are very savvy with modern technology that they’ll find it frustrating when nothing seems wrong.

A common cause of Roku buffering issues comes from insufficient bandwidth for your device’s needs or limitations in internet speed due to network congestion. Streaming videos take up large amounts of data transfer speeds which may not be enough if any other devices sharing the same connection are using more than their fair share of resources at once.

If this occurs during peak hours, typically between three pm-midnight, where there is less available bandwidth overall because many people are likely using home internet connections simultaneously, try to use Roku during off-peak hours or wait until the next day to watch videos.

If Roku buffering issues are occurring on a WiFi connection, try switching to Roku’s wired Ethernet connection instead. A hardwired Roku device will yield better results because it has the best possible internet speed possible.

The sound cuts out during playback of a video 

Sound cuts can be a big issue with Roku. If the sound cuts out during playback of a video, try these steps:

Start by checking that your Roku is connected to an active power source and turned on. After that, confirm you have a strong wireless signal from your router by checking the Roku’s connection status. Finally, ensure there are no obstructions between Roku and its remote control sensor or Roku Player. This can cause interference with signals being sent to/from Roku devices. 

Streaming is slow and choppy for some channels but not others

Slow and choppy streaming is usually caused by an issue with the Roku or your WiFi. To fix it, you should first try power cycling Roku, which is the easiest fix.

Another possibility is that your Roku may not be receiving enough bandwidth to stream smoothly, so check out how to set up priority streaming on Roku if this is the case.

If those solutions do not work, it’s probably because Roku cannot find a valid IP address for one of the Roku channels. The best solution for this is to get in touch with Roku support, which should be able to fix it fairly quickly!

Fix Roku Problems

Now you know how to fix your Roku system. Make sure to know what to do with any issue, and if these don’t work, the problem might be bigger, so contact professional support. If you face any issues with the Roku tv remote not working this might help you. After all, they’re the ones who created it, so they probably know how to fix it too. Enjoy your full-functioning Roku service!

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