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How to Add channels to Roku? Updated



Add channels to Roku

Roku is a streaming device that lets you stream media on your TV. Along with Apple TV and Firestick, Roku is the popular streaming device across the world. By connecting it to the supported devices, you can stream the live contents over the internet. With the help of 5000 channels (apps), you can stream all kind of media including movies, TV shows, live TV channels, sporting events, highlights/replays, documentaries, cartoons and much more. You need to dowload the dedicated channels to stream those media’s. In this article, we will show how to add channels to Roku and how to remove them quickly.

Add channels to Roku
Roku Channels

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How to Add Channels from Roku device?

The easiest way to add channels on Roku is by using the inbuilt channel store.

#1: Launch your Roku and press the home button on your Roku remote.

#2: Scroll down to select Streaming Channels.

#3: Select the channel that you want to install. You can also find your favourite channel with the help of a search bar.

#4: On the channel information page, select Add Channel (free channels) or Buy (paid channels) to start the installation process.

#5: After installation, you can access the channel from the home menu of Roku.

How to Add Channels on Roku Using Mobile?

Another way to add channels on Roku is by using the Roku mobile app which is available for Android and iOS Platforms.

#1: Download and install Roku app on your mobile.

#2: Launch the app.

#3: Click Channels menu located at the bottom of the screen.

#4: With the help of the search bar, find and select the channel that you want to install.

#5: You will be prompted to enter the Roku login credentials. Enter the credentials that used to set up your Roku device.

#6: Click Add Channel to add the channel to your Roku device. If it is a paid channel, you need to carry out the payment process.

#7: Now, launch the Roku device and you can see the added channel on the home screen.

How to Add Channels on Roku using PC or Laptop?

For this method, you must need a web browser on your PC or Laptop.

#1: Launch your web browser and visit the official website of Roku Channel Store.

#2: Login with your Roku credentials.

Add channels to Roku
Enter your your Roku credentials

#3: Browse and select the channel that you want to add.

#4: On the information page, select +Add Channel.

Add channels to Roku
Add channels to Roku

#5: Within a few seconds, the channel will be added to your Roku account.

#6: Now, launch the Roku and start using the channel on Roku.

How to Add Private Channels to Roku?

Along with 5000 official Roku channels, there are a large number of non-certified or private channels available to add. These channels aren’t displayed publically, and you can find those apps in the official channel store. Some of these channels are in beta versions, and some of them stream media which Roku doesn’t want publically visible to their users. To install those channels, you need an alphanumeric activation code. Just search for Roku private channels on Google to get the best Roku private channels list along with their activation code. Once you have found the non-certified channel that interests you, follow these steps to add them on your Roku.

#1: Launch your web browser and visit

#2: Login with your Roku credentials that used to setup your Roku device.

#3: Navigate to Manage account -> Add Channel With a Code.

Add channels to Roku
Enter Channel Access Code

#4: Enter the activate code and click Add Channel.

#5: Now, a warning pop-up regarding the installation of non-certified channels will appear on the screen. Select OK to proceed further.

#6: Once finished the activation process, it will take some time (up to 24 hours) to add that channel on Roku.

#7: To download that immediately, launch the Roku and navigate to Settings -> System -> System Update -> Check now. The device will automatically install any new private channels that you have added.

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How to Remove/delete Channels from Roku?

It is great to see the different ways to add channels on Roku. Simultaneously, you must also know how to delete/remove channels from your Roku device. Removing channels from the Roku device is very simple.

#1: Go to Roku channel Store.

#2: Select the channel that you want to remove.

#3: Click Remove channel to delete the channel from the Roku device.

Using Mobile app:

#1: Launch the Roku mobile app.

#2: Select the Channels menu located at the bottom of the screen.

#3: Under My Channels section, select the channel that you want to remove.

#4: Click Remove.

#5: Again click Remove to delete the Channel.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps required to add/remove Roku channels. Some of the channels may require an additional subscription to stream the media. Some of the Roku private channels are in beta-version and you may experience few errors while using those apps. We hope the article will guide you to download your favourite Roku channels without any hassle.

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