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How to Add Private Channels to Roku [Best Channels]



Add Best Private Channels to Roku

Roku has got its own dedicated store called Roku Channel Store, from where you can add streaming channels to the device. Within the store, you can find all kinds of channels that you want. What to do if you need more channels? Roku has support for that too. There are channels hidden in the Roku Channel Store as private channels, and they can be added to your device by providing a code. The possible ways to add private channels to your Roku are discussed further in this article.

Roku Private Channels – What do They Actually Mean?

There are various channels that aren’t available publically on the Roku Channel Store. Here are some reasons for a channel to be private.

  • If a channel is not official or not certified, then it will be called a private channel.
  • Those channels that have inappropriate contents or illegal or copyright contents.
  • They will not be available publicly for addition but needed to be added manually using the channel code or invitation.
  • The channel is not ready to be released and still in its beta version.

How to Add Private Channels to Roku

You can’t add these channels directly on the device. You need to login into your Roku account on the browser to add them.

1. On your computer or smartphone, open a web browser and visit the Roku official site.

How to Add Private Channels to Roku

2. Sign-in with the account credentials that you used to set up your Roku device.

3. Go to the My Accounts page and then hover to the Manage Account menu option.

How to Add Private Channels to Roku

4. Then choose Add Channel with a code option. Here code refers to the invitation code or a channel access code.

Add channel with a code

5. In the provided text field, enter the code of the private channel you would like to add to your Roku.

Enter Private Channel Code

6. Then, click on the Add Channel.

7. Now, click on Yes, Add Channel to confirm the addition on the confirmation screen.

Now, wait until 24 hours. After that, you can find the channel on your Roku device if the necessary conditions are fulfilled. There is a way to check the progress and add the channel immediately. On your Roku device go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now. You have to remember a fact it will also update the Roku firmware if one is available.

Non-Certified Channels and Consequences

Adding private channel to Roku has its own consequences in various terms.

  1. If the channel is not abiding by Roku’s channel terms and conditions, they might be removed at any time.
  2. The channel shouldn’t contain any illegal or copyrighted contents.
  3. Roku will not test or review non-certified channels.
  4. The non-certified channel will be acknowledged if the channel has any violent or inappropriate channels for a certain audience group.
  5. If Roku identifies that kind of channel, then it may be removed even without any prior notice.
  6. Moreover, your account may be blocked from adding any more private or non-certified channels.

Best Private Channels to Add on Roku

Here are the few private channels along with the access or invite code.

  1. RokuCast – CL9D5D
  2. The Internet Archives – NMJS5
  3. TVQues – tvque
  4. Relax TV – vrqhq
  5. KOOL_TV – (koolTVmn)
  6. Creature Cast – nowherebullet
  7. Dailymotion – Dailymotion
  8. Weather Radar – radar
  9. Roku Movies – ZB34AC
  10. Unofficial Twitch – Twitch TV
  11. FilmOn – NMEVA
  12. Picasa 2 – PICASA2
  13. FreeJack TV – YQJ5B
  14. VideoPodcast Player – vodcast
  15. Clikia – clikialive
  16. Amteurlogic – ALOGIC
  17. Crackle – CRACKLE
  18. The Nowhere TV – H9DWC
  19. Nowhere Tweet -V8MRS
  20. Ace TV – acetv
  21. Viki – vikigobaltv
  22. Fox Business – FOXBIZ
  23. The Odeo Theater – odeon
  24. Video Games – T6PH2V
  25. RokuMovies – zb34ac
  26. DISHWorld – DISHWorld
  27. Nowhere Vine – nowherevine
  28. iTunes Podcast Channel – ITPC
  29. LodeRunner – LodeRunnerPreview
  30. EuroRoku – 296XJKP
  31. PNR Networks – pnrnetworks
  32. Suntrix – synctrixbeta
  33. Super Stalker – STBEMU
  34. Space Time Free – CN6MRTG
  35. Wilderness Channel – fl821095
  36. Great Chefs – greatchefs

You can add private channels to Roku in the above-mentioned ways. Make sure that you wouldn’t violate any rules and regulations by the Roku. If you have queries, ask us in the comment section below.

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