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How to Connect Roku to New WiFi Without Remote



How to Connect Roku to WiFi without Remote

Roku is a digital media player that allows streaming content from various online services. Once it gets connected to the internet, you can access a lot of channels. Every Roku comes with remote control. Luckily, the Roku device can be controlled without a remote by using the Roku mobile app. You can also easily connect the Roku to new WiFi without using a remote. The following article gives you detailed information about how to change your Roku’s WiFi network without the remote.


  • Smartphone and PC
  • Roku TV/ Roku Player
  • Roku Mobile app
  • Standard WiFi connection
  • SSID and Password of WiFi network which Roku device was previously connected

How to Connect Roku to New WiFi Without Remote

{1} Download and install the Roku Mobile app on your smartphone.

{2} On your PC, create a temporary WiFi hotspot with the SSID and password of the WiFi network to which your device was previously connected.

Create Temporary Hotspot on PC

Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Hotspot > Share my internet connection with other device.

Create Temporary Hotspot on PC

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{3} After creating the hotspot, take your smartphone and connect it to the hotspot which you created on PC.

{4} Launch the Roku mobile app and agree with the terms & conditions. On the other hand, turn on your Roku device.

{5} By default, the Roku device will connect to the hotspot network as you have created it with the old network SSID and password.

{6} On Roku mobile app, choose your Roku device.

Select your Roku device

{7} Now, click on the Remote option.

Tap on Remote

{8} It will display the remote controls on the mobile screen.

How to Connect Roku to WiFi without Remote

{9} Now, you can use your mobile as a remote control to operate the Roku device.

{10} With the help of that, navigate to the Settings option on the Roku device.

{11} Choose the Network option.

How to Connect Roku to WiFi without Remote

{12} Select Set up connection and then choose Wireless connection.

How to Connect Roku to WiFi without Remote

{13} Roku will now search for nearby WiFi connections.

{14} Select the network you want and then enter the password (if it is password protected).

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That’s it. You have successfully connected the Roku device to a WiFi network without the help of a remote. As long as the smartphone and Roku device are on the same WiFi network, you can do whatever you want.

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