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How to Disconnect Roku TV From WiFi [Easy Guide]



How to Disconnect Roku TV From WiFi

Roku TV is a Smart TV that runs on RokuOS. You can add an app on Roku TV from the Roku Channel Store. To stream content on the app, you need to connect the Roku to a WiFi network. If the WiFi network you have connected to has low bandwidth, you need to switch to another WiFi. To do it, you must disconnect the WiFi on Roku you have previously connected. The procedures to disconnect the Roku TV from WiFi is not straightforward. You need to reset the network settings on your Roku TV to disconnect the WiFi. The steps below are applicable for disconnecting WiFi on Roku-powered TV brands, including Hisense, TCL, JVC, Sharp, Philips, RCA, Element, and Sanyo.

How to Disconnect WiFi on Roku TV With Remote

[1] Turn ON your Roku TV and select the Settings option on the home screen.

Select Settings on Roku TV

[2] On the Settings screen, locate the option System and click it.

Tap System

[3] Select the Advanced system settings option.

 Select Advanced System settings

[4] Navigate to the option Network connection reset and select Reset connection.

Choose Reset connection to disconnect Roku TV from WiFi

[5] Now, the Roku TV will be disconnected from WiFi.

Disconnect WiFi on Roku TV With Remote

How to Disconnect WiFi on Roku TV Without Remote

[1] Connect your smartphone and Roku TV to the same WiFi.

[2] Launch the Roku Mobile App on your Android or iOS device.

Open Roku app

[3] Click the Devices tab at the bottom.

Hit Devices Tab

[4] Select your Roku TV and tap the Remote option on the app.

Choose your Roku TV to disconnect Roku TV from WiFi

[5] Use the Roku Mobile app to go to Settings on Roku TV.

[6] Select System >> Tap Advanced system settings >> Click Network connection reset >> Hit the option Reset connection to reset the network connections on Roku TV.

[7] That’s it. The Wi-Fi connection on your Roku TV will be disconnected.

Use Roku app

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I control Roku TV without Roku Remote?

You can use the Roku mobile application on your smartphone to control your Roku TV.

2. How to connect to WiFi on Roku TV?

To connect Roku TV to WiFi, go to Settings >> Choose Network >> Select Wireless >> Setup new Wi-Fi.

3. Why is my Roku TV disconnecting from WiFi?

Roku TV automatically disconnects from WiFi due to a temporary malfunction. To fix this issue, you need to update or reset your Roku-connected TV or Roku TV.

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