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How to Turn Off Roku Device [All Models]



Roku is a popular streaming media player that has its own Channel Store to install various media content. It has almost all streaming apps for watching live and on-demand content. Like other electronic devices, you need to turn off the device when you want to use it. Even though it consumes lesser energy, it is important to know how to shut down the device. Let’s look into the steps to turn off Roku.

Steps to Turn Off Roku

Roku has different types of streaming devices and each has a unique method to shut down.

How to Turn Off Roku 4

Roku 4

#1 Press the Home button in the remote.

#2 Scroll down and select Settings in the menu.

#3 Click System and select Power. It displays three options.

#4 Select Auto Power off to turn off the the device after 30 minutes of inactivity.

#5 Tap System restart to reboot the device.

#6 Click Power off to turn off the device instantly.

How to Turn Off Roku TV

Except the fourth version, other models and Roku-powered TVs aren’t designed to be turned off from the GUI.

(1). On the your remote, press the home button.

(2). Select Settings and click System by scrolling down the menu.

(3). Tap Power from the options and select Auto power savings.

(4). Select Turn off after 4 hours to shut down the system.

(5). Click Reduce power after 15 minutes to turn off the power after 15 minutes of non-usage.

How to Turn Off Other models

Roku 3

Older Roku models does not have an inbuilt power off option. The possible way to turn off the device is by unplugging the power cable. It also has power save mode and it will shout down the device after 30 minutes of non-usage.

How to Turn Off USB Powered Devices

Roku streaming stick

Roku Express, Premiere, and Streaming Stick are the USB powered devices. It runs only with the power of TV. You can turn off these devices by either turning off the TV or unplug it from the TV.

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We have seen all the possible ways to shut down the different versions of Roku. The latest models have built-in power save mode, which identifies the inactivity and turns into power save mode. Regardless of the version, the best way to turn off the device is by unplugging it from the power source.

If you have any trouble following the above steps, please mention them in the comment section.

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