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How to Update Your Roku Device Manually [2021]



Update Roku

Roku is one of the easiest ways to stream internet contents on TV. If you’re a cord-cutter, there’s a good chance you may own one. With the help of some of the best Roku channels, you can watch all kind of latest media including movies, TV shows, animations, sports, live TV and more. Just like other electronic devices, it is essential to update Roku for various benefits. Along with patching security holes, updates will add new features and improve the existing ones on your Roku.

How to Update Roku?

By default, Roku streaming devices are designed to run the latest firmware. For every 24-36 hours, your Roku will search for the updates automatically. If any, it will download and install in the background. In case, if you want to check for updates manually, follow the below-mentioned steps.

How to Update Firmware on Roku Manually?

#1: Make sure that your Roku is connected to the active internet connection.

#2: Press the home button on your remote.

Update Roku

#3: Scroll down and select the Settings menu.

Update Roku

#4: Click the System settings.

Update Roku

#5: On the right-side panel, select System Update.

Update Roku

#6: The current firmware version along with build number will appear on the screen. Click Check Now to check for the updates.

#7: If any, Roku will download and install the latest firmware. After installation, reboot your Roku for new features.

Update Channels on Roku

Just like firmware, the Channels that you downloaded on your Roku will be updated automatically. Whenever your Roku is connected to the internet connection, the Channels will be checked for the updates. If there is an update, it will be installed automatically in the background.

Before updating the channels, it is important to know how to add channels on Roku?

However, if you want to check it manually, you can follow the same procedure that we mentioned for firmware update (settings -> system -> system update -> check now).

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