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How to Watch SEC Network on Roku?



SEC Network on Roku

SEC Network is an American sports network developed by ESPN and Southeastern Conference. It airs SEC football matches, basketball matches, and baseball games. You can access SEC Network channel 24/7 and stream any sports events. In addition to this, it supports live streaming and recording TV shows, news, and more. SEC Network is a TV channel and it can be accessed on any device with the help of dedicated sports app. It is therefore accessible on different devices including Roku and the users can stream SEC Network contents at any time. However, SEC Network needs the subscription of cable or satellite TV provider. If you want to cut the cord, then choose the right app that supports SEC Network. The article covers different apps that support streaming SEC Network on Roku with or without the cable in detail.

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How to Watch SEC Network on Roku

Currently, SEC Network isn’t available on the Roku Store. So streaming College Football, Volleyball, Soccer or any other sports from SEC Network isn’t straightforward. However, the section below will let you know the possible ways to stream SEC Network.

#1. ESPN (With & Without Cable)

You can use your existing cable or satellite TV subscription to access ESPN on Roku with cable. With this, you will get up-to-date details of College Football matches on Roku TV. In addition to this, you can use ESPN to watch live matches of various sports like Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, etc.

ESPN on Roku
ESPN on Roku

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Note: ESPN channel is officially available on Roku Store and you can add the channel to stream SEC Network on your Roku TV without cable or satellite connection.

Try the Alternatives!

In addition to cable/satellite connection, SEC Network can be accessed without the cable TV subscription. Roku store has lots of sports/live TV channels that support streaming SEC Network. Anyone can easily stream SEC Network live just by subscribing to the respective channels. The list of best SEC Network supported channels are as follows.


AT&T TV NOW formally known as DIRECTV NOW is a Roku channel to stream SEC Network. It requires a subscription to stream live sports of SEC Network on Roku. In addition to this, you can access ESPN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS Sports Network, and more other channels with AT&T TV NOW channel on Roku.


#3. PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is yet another Roku channel to stream SEC Network. Apart from streaming live and on-demand TV contents, anyone can watch College Football or Volleyball, on Roku. PlayStation Vue is the best cord-cutter to watch any other sports matches from SEC Network. Other channels supported by PlayStation Vue includes ESPN, CBS Sports Network, NBC, ACC Network, FOX, and more.

SEC Network on Roku
PlayStation Vue

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#4. YouTube TV

YouTube TV also supports SEC Network officially and you can access it on Roku player. Start with the free trial and subscribe to watch College Football and more on Roku TV. Additionally, YouTube TV channel supports major broadcast and cable networks like FOX, ESPN, AMC, NBC, etc. Use the Cloud DVR to store and watch anything at any time from any YouTube TV compatible devices.

SEC Network on Roku
YouTube TV

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#5. Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the top-rated live TV streaming services to watch your favourite contents. It supports more than 150 channels includes SEC Network. So you can stream live sports, hit shows, on-demand titles, etc. Choose any Sling TV package that supports SEC Network channel or personalize your line up with 30+ Extras like Sports Extra, Cloud DVR, etc.

SEC Network on Roku
Sling TV

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#6. Hulu

Hulu is available officially on the Roku Store and you can use it to stream SEC Network. It is an all-in-one service to stream anything from the huge streaming library. By subscribing to Hulu channel, you can not only stream College Football, Soccer, but it supports movies, Hulu originals, etc. Hulu supports adding premium networks like HBO and SHOWTIME.


Note: Any of the Roku channels given in the section can be downloaded from Roku Store. Just open Roku Store, type in the channel name on the search bar. Choose the respective channel from the search result and finally click on Add Channel to download it. Activate the channel to watch SEC Network on Roku.

To Conclude

Although SEC Network isn’t available on the Roku Store, you can still access them with the help of any compatible sports channels. Just download any of the Roku channels given in this article to watch SEC Network contents on your Roku compatible smart TV.

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