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How to Install and Run Twitch on Roku [2021]



Twitch on Roku TV

Twitch, an amazing app for all the gamers out there. It is a two-way app in which pro gamers will stream their gameplay and the amateurs will watch those videos. Similar to YouTube, Twitch allows users to upload and watch videos without any subscription but contains video content only about gaming. Twitch is specially made for gamers who want to showcase their gaming skills. You can also chat with the players. With the game industries are booming like ever, every one of us are going crazy for games. FPV (First Person View) games like PUBG, Fortnite are reaching its heights, apps like Twitch are the virtual guide to the newbies. In Twitch, you can find almost all the gaming platforms. Twitch is supported by all smartphones, iOS devices, PCs, and smart TVs. You can install Twitch on Roku by following the steps mentioned below.

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How to install Twitch on Roku?

Currently, Twitch App is not available on the Roku Channel Store. You need to download the Twitch app from as a private channel.

#1: Open the web browser on your mobile or PC and visit Enter your login credentials and click the three-lined icon which is in the top right corner of the screen.

Twitch on Roku
Roku Homepage

#2: You will get the below screen, tap the down arrow of the first option.

Twitch on Roku
Roku Menu

#3: Click My account.

Twitch on Roku
User Profile

#4: Choose Add channel with a code.

Accounts Manager

#5: You will get the Add channel screen. In the Channel access code bar, type TwitchTV and click Add channel.

Add channel window

#6: You will get a warning screen stating that the channel is not certified. Click OK.

Warning Screen

#7: In the confirmation screen, click Yes, add channel.

Confirmation Window

#8: Now, you will get the confirmation screen stating that the channel is added successfully.

Channel Added Window

#9: Now, launch the Roku device, and you will see the Twitch app on the Roku section.

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Every one of us needs to know how a game should be played. You can’t play a game flawlessly through the guidelines provided in the game alone. Apps like Twitch are essential to amateurs gamers, as they need to know the basics of the gameplay. In recent days, a lot of online gaming platforms are announcing open tournaments to gamers to participate and play. To those people, Twitch will be very useful.

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