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How to Watch DirecTV Stream on LG Smart TV



DirecTV Stream on LG TV

Quick Answer

  • DirecTV Stream is not available in the LG Content Store.
  • You can watch DirecTV Stream content on LG Smart TV by visiting the DirecTV Stream website or by casting the DirecTV Stream content from your smartphone.

Recently, I got a new DirecTV Box with a Premier subscription ($159.99/month) for my Smart TV. With the subscription, one can access the DirecTV on-the-go app without any additional charges. But, when I tried to install the DirecTV app on my LG Smart TV, I couldn’t find the app on the Content Store. Later, I found out that the DirecTV App is not available for LG Smart TV.

However, this doesn’t stop me from accessing the app on my LG TV. I used the web browser on my LG TV to access the DirecTV Stream website. If you are a DirecTV user, you can use this guide to get the DirecTV Stream videos on your LG TV. Another possible way to watch DirecTV Stream on LG TV is by using the casting method.

How to Get DirecTV Stream on LG Smart TV [Web Browser]

1. Press the Home Button on your LG TV remote.

LG TV Home screen

2. Navigate to the Web Browser tile at the bottom and click it.

3. Go to the address bar and type the DirecTV Stream website URL ( using the virtual keyboard.

Go to DirecTV website on LG TV

4. Click Sign In and enter your DirecTV Stream account.

5. After signing in, stream your desired movies and TV shows on LG Smart TV.

How to Cast DirecTV Stream on LG Smart TV using Android Phone

LG Smart TVs do not have built-in cast support. So, you need to connect a Chromecast device to your LG TV to cast the videos from your Android Phone.

1. First, connect the LG TV to a WiFi network. Then, connect your smartphone to the same WiFi connection. If you don’t have a WiFi connection, connect your LG TV to your smartphone’s hotspot.

2. Install the DirecTV Stream app from the Play Store.

Install DirecTV Stream

3. Once installed, launch the DirecTV Stream app and sign in to your account using the necessary login details.

4. Play any video on the DirecTV Stream app and select the Cast icon at the top.

Click Cast icon

5. Choose your Chromecast-connected LG TV from the devices list.

6. Within seconds, the DirecTV video appears on your LG Smart TV.

How to AirPlay DirecTV Stream on LG Smart TV using iPhone/iPad

Before going into the steps, enable the AirPlay option on the LG Smart TV. Then, connect the iOS device and LG TV to the same WiFi.

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and install the DirecTV app.

2. Launch the DirecTV app after installation.

3. Sign in to your DirecTV Stream account using the required credentials.

3. Once signed in, hit the AirPlay icon on the app.

4. From the pop-up menu, click your LG Smart TV to cast the app.

5. Once the connection is established, play any video on the DirecTV mobile app and watch it on your LG Smart TV.

How to Fix DirecTV Stream Not working on LG Smart TV

Sometimes, the DirecTV website doesn’t load, or the video exhibits a loading screen for a long time. These problems are common and can be easily fixed by the troubleshooting methods mentioned below.


  • Outdated LG TV firmware.
  • Poor Internet connection.
  • Excessive cache files on the Web Browser app.
  • If the casting device (smartphone) and LG TV are not connected to the same WiFi, you will find issues in casting.
  • DirecTV server outage.
  • Outdated Web Browser app.


DirecTV Stream: Plans & Price

To stream videos on the DirecTV Stream website or app, you need to have an active subscription. You can subscribe to any one of the plans on the official DirecTV Stream website.

  • Entertainment -$64.99/month.
  • Choice – $84.99/month.
  • Ultimate – $114.99/month.
  • Premier – $159.99/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you watch DirecTV Stream for free?

Currently, DirecTV Stream offers a 5-day free trial. By signing up for the free trial, you can stream the DirecTV Stream content for free.

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