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How to Reset Samsung Smart TV to Factory Settings



Reset Samsung TV

Are you frequently facing issues like a black screen, app crashing, loading screen, etc., on your Samsung TV? Then, it’s time to reset the Samsung TV to factory settings. Resetting is one of the best troubleshooting techniques that help you to get rid of any problems on the TV. You can easily reset the Samsung TV by selecting the option Reset under the General & Privacy section of the TV. Keep in mind that resetting the Samsung Smart TV removes all the data from your TV.

Why Should You Reset Samsung Smart TV?

We have listed the possible scenarios to reset your Samsung TV.

  • When your TV performs slowly, even after clearing the cache on Samsung TV.
  • If your Samsung TV shows a black screen.
  • Apps on your Samsung TV get crashed frequently, even after updating.
  • When you plan to sell the Samsung TV.
  • If the TV screen gets frozen frequently.
  • If you like to remove all the data from your TV.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Smart TV With a Remote

The steps to factory reset vary based on the TV model you use.

2023 Models:

1. Turn On your Samsung TV and press the Home button on the remote.

2. Go to Settings and select All Settings.

Samsung TV settings

3. Choose General & Privacy under it.

General privacy

4. From the list of options, select Reset.

Reset Samsung TV

5. A pop-up menu appears on the screen.

6. Enter the Security PIN and select Yes. If you have forgotten the PIN, enter the default one (Zeros).

7. Once you confirm, the TV will initiate the reset process.

Note: If you are using Samsung TV 2022 models, select the Menu option and click Settings.

After resetting, you can set up and start installing apps on Samsung Smart TV.

2017-2021 Models:

1. Press the Home button to get the Smart Hub feature.

2. Further, select Settings and go to General.

3. Choose Reset.

4. Enter the PIN in the pop-up and click Yes to start the reset.

2014-2016 Models:

1. Go to Settings and select Support.

2. Under Support, choose Self Diagnosis.

3. Select Reset.

4. Enter the Security PIN and select Yes to reset the TV.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Smart TV Without Remote

You can reset the Samsung TV without a remote in two different ways.

Using TV Buttons

If your Samsung TV remote isn’t working fine, you can use the TV buttons to control it. In most models of Samsung Smart TVs, you can find the buttons in the middle underside portion of the TV. You can use the Channel Up/Down buttons to navigate to the Settings. Then, select the General & Reset option and click Reset to factory reset your TV.

Using SmartThings App

If you have installed the SmartThings app on your Android Phone or iPhone and paired it with your Samsung TV, you can use it as an alternative for remote. With the remote screen on the app, navigate to TV Settings and tap the General & Reset option. Then, select Reset to reset your TV.

SmartThings remote app

How to Reset Samsung Smart TV with Black Screen

Generally, the black screen appears when there is an issue while updating your Samsung TV or hardware fails. If your TV is stuck with the black screen, you might find difficulty in resetting the TV.

1. Press the Exit button for a few seconds.

2. The Standby light will start blinking continuously.

3. Next, you can see the Reset option appear on the screen.

4. Choose OK to reset your TV.

How to Reset PIN on Samsung TV

You can’t perform a reset if you have forgotten your TV PIN or Password. However, you can reset the PIN with the help of your remote.

1. First, power On your Samsung Smart TV.

2. Click the Mute button on the remote.

3. Tap the + button and hit Return.

4. Similarly, press the – button and tap Return.

5. Finally, press the + button and then press Return again.

6. Now, the PIN will be reset to 0000.

7. You can use PIN 0000 to reset your TV.

How to Soft Reset Samsung Smart TV

1. Press the Power button until you see the Samsung TV logo on the screen.

2. Within a few seconds, your Samsung Smart TV will restart.

Samsung TV remote

Note: Performing a soft reset will not delete the data

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I reset my Samsung TV?

If the Reset option is greyed out, it might be due to the apps running in the background. Close the background apps, and try to reset the TV again.

2. How do you reset specific settings on Samsung TV?

To reset specific settings, go to SettingsSelect the desired menu (Eg: Sound/Picture) → Expert SettingsReset.

3. Does resetting Samsung TV will delete the files?

Yes, resetting your Samsung TV will delete all the files permanently.

4. How to reset Smart Hub on Samsung TV?

To reset Smart Hub on Samsung TV, go to SettingsAll SettingsDevice CareReset Smart HubEnter the PINReset.

5. Can you reset your Samsung TV without a PIN?

Unfortunately, you can’t reset the TV without a PIN.

6. How to reset Network Settings on Samsung TV?

To reset Network Settings on your TV, go to SettingsAll SettingsConnectionNetworkReset NetworkReset.

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