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How to Turn On LG Smart TV Without Remote



Turn On LG TV Without Remote

Most people have the habit of misplacing the TV remote. If you can’t find the LG TV remote or if the remote is damaged, you might find difficulty in turning On your LG TV. Whatever may be the reason, you can easily turn On your LG Smart TV without a remote using the Power button present on the TV panel. If you find that pressing the Power button every time is difficult, make use of the official remote control app, called LG ThinQ, to turn On your LG Smart TV.

How to Turn On LG Smart TV using Power Button

This is the easiest and most straightforward way to turn On your LG Smart TV.

#1. Plug your LG TV cable into the wall outlet and turn ON the switch.

#2. The Red light will glow in the middle of your LG Smart TV.

#3. Under the LG logo, press the Power button to turn On your LG Smart TV without remote control. Similarly, the LG TV will be turned Off if you press the Power button again.

Press the power button to turn On LG Smart TV without remote

Note: Some models of the LG TV have the Power button at the rear or bottom right-hand side.

In addition to the Power button, you will find several buttons on some LG TV models. By using the TV panel buttons, you can access other controls like volume up or down, changing the channels, etc., without a remote control.

Menus for controlling the TV

How to Turn On LG Smart TV Without a Remote [LG ThinQ App]

Another easy way to power the TVs is by using remote control apps like LG ThinQ or Alexa app on LG TV.

#1. Install the LG ThinQ app from the App Store or Play Store.

LG ThinQ app

#2. Connect the LG Smart TV and your Smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.

#3. Launch the LG ThinQ app and select the option + Add a Device on the home screen.

Tap on Add a Device

#4. Tap the option TV, and you will see two options on the screen to pair the LG ThinQ app.

  • Scan QR
  • Select Device
Choose Scan QR or Select Device

#5. Choose any option and follow the on-screen instructions to pair the LG ThinQ app.

#6. Once paired, you will see the remote control interface on the LG ThinQ app.

#7. Hit the Power Button at the top-right to turn On the LG Smart TVs without a remote.

Tap the power button to turn On your LG Smart TV

If the LG ThinQ app is paired with your TV, you can unlock the LG TV menu without using the remote.

Alternative Apps to Turn On Your LG Smart TV

There are plenty of third-party remote control apps available. In addition to the LG ThinQ app, you can use the below-mentioned apps to turn On your LG Smart TV.

Apart from the two methods discussed above, if you have connected and set up Google Nest, Google Home, or any voice command-supported devices with your LG TV, use the voice commands to turn On your LG TV within seconds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I control LG TVs without a remote?

Yes. By using remote control apps, you can easily control LG TVs.

2. Can you turn On LG TV manually?

Press the Power button on your TV panel to turn On or Off your LG Smart TV manually.

3. Does all LG TVs have a power button?

Yes. All the LG Smart TVs have a power button.

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