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11 Easy Ways to Fix Netflix Not Working on Samsung Smart TV



Netflix Not Working on Samsung TV

Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming services, with a huge library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. Netflix comes as a pre-installed app on most smart TVs, including Samsung Smart TVs. Though Netflix works perfectly for many Samsung TV users, some users face certain issues while accessing the Netflix app on Samsung TV. If you are one among them, refer to the troubleshooting guide mentioned below to resolve the Netflix not working on Samsung TV issue.

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

The major problems faced while streaming Netflix on Samsung Smart TV are listed below.

  • Netflix is not opening on Samsung TV.
  • Netflix App Crashes.
  • Content buffering on Netflix.
  • Black Screen Issue.

How to Fix Netflix Not Opening on Samsung Smart TV

If you are unable to launch the Netflix app on your Samsung Smart TV, then these are the possible reasons for the issue.


1. Outdated App
2. Outdated TV Firmware
3. Excessive Cache and Data

Update the Netflix App on Samsung Smart TV

To update the app on Samsung Smart TV manually, you need to navigate to the Samsung TV App Store.

#1. Press the Smart Hub button and navigate to the Apps tile.

Select the Apps tile

#2. Click the Search icon and type Netflix.

#3. Now, navigate to the app info page and press the Update button.

#4. Once the Netflix app is updated successfully, try to launch the app. If the issue persists, move on to the next step.

Note: You can also enable the Auto Update option to update all the apps on Samsung TV automatically.

Update the Samsung Smart TV Firmware

If you are still facing the issue with the Netflix app on your Samsung Smart TV, then update the Samsung TV to the latest version.

#1. Press the Smart Hub button and click on the Settings menu.

#2. Now, select the Support tab and choose Software Update.

#3. Hit the Update Now option and wait while the TV checks for any available updates.

Tap on Update Now

#4. If you find any available updates, select Yes to proceed.

#5. Now, the new software will start to download. After the download is completed, your Samsung TV will restart automatically.

#6. Once done, navigate to the Apps section and launch the Netflix app.

Clear Cache on Samsung Smart TV

If the Netflix app doesn’t respond after doing the above methods, then try clearing the cache on Samsung Smart TV.

#1. Navigate to the Settings menu on your Samsung TV.

#2. Select the Support tap and head to Device Care.

#3. On the next screen, select Manage Storage.

#4. Select the Netflix app and press View Details.

#5. On the pop-up menu, press Clear Cache to fix Netflix not working on the Samsung TV issue.

Click the Clear Cache option

#6. After clearing the Cache, launch Netflix and see whether it is working or not.

How to Fix Netflix App Crashing Issue on Samsung Smart TV

The Netflix app frequently crashes due to the reasons below.


  • Netflix Server Issue.
  • Apps Running in the Background.
  • Unstable Internet connection.

Netflix Server Issue

There is nothing you can do if you are experiencing a Netflix service outage. Once the issue is fixed, it will be notified on the social media pages of Netflix or visit the Netflix help center to learn about the server outage status.

Netflix official help center

Close Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Sometimes, the Netflix app may force close due to several apps running in the background. To fix this problem, close all the apps running in the background on Samsung TV and relaunch the Netflix app to check if the problem continues. If the issue persists, move on to the next fix.

Reset the Samsung Smart TV

If you are still facing the Netflix app crashing issue, then it’s time to reset your Samsung Smart TV. Before resetting the Samsung TV, you can reset the Samsung Smart Hub.

#1. Go to Settings and select the General option.

#2. Under General, scroll down and click on the Reset option.

#3. Enter the PIN and tap the Reset option.

#4. Once the reset is complete, your TV will automatically reboot.

Netflix Not Working on Samsung TV-The Samsung TV will restart automatically

Note: Performing a reset will remove all data on your Samsung TV. You need to install all the apps again, including Netflix again.

#5. Now, install Netflix on Samsung TV from the App Store and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

How to Fix Netflix Content Buffering on Samsung Smart TV

Firstly, the major reasons for Netflix videos buffering or being stuck on a loading screen on your Samsung TV are given below.

  • Weak Internet connection.
  • Network Congestion.
  • Router location.

How to Fix an Unstable Internet Connection

If the Internet connection on your Samsung TV is poor, you will see the Samsung TV error code 107 on the TV screen. To fix it, refer to the below fixes.

#1. Power Cycle the WiFi Router by unplugging it from the power socket.

#2. Check whether a VPN is enabled on your Samsung TV. If yes, then disable the VPN and launch the Netflix app.

#3. Change the default DNS on your Samsung TV by navigating to SettingsGeneralNetworkNetwork Status.

#4. Contact your Internet service provider and request a complaint regarding the Internet issue.

Network Congestion

If multiple devices are connected to the same WiFi network as Samsung TV, it may lead to Network Congestion, thereby causing Netflix buffering issue. Try disconnecting other devices and check whether your Internet connection is stable or not.

Netflix Not Working on Samsung TV-Network Congestion

Router location

Sometimes keeping the router far away from the TV may also lead to unstable Internet and can cause Netflix content to stop working or buffering. Place the Internet Router as closely as possible and stream the Netflix content without any issues.

Netflix Not Working on Samsung TV -Router

Black Screen Issue

The solutions to fix the Netflix Black Screen with Sound or Black Screen with No Sound issues are mentioned below.

Black Screen Issue on Netflix

If the Netflix app exhibits a black screen, perform all the troubleshooting mentioned above. Still, if the problem continues, refer to the fixes below.

  • Ensure that you are using the working HDMI cable.
  • Try changing the ends of the HDMI cable
  • Connect the cable to a different HDMI port on your TV.
  • Buy a new HDMI cable.

Renew the Netflix Subscription

If you are witnessing a black screen issue or error message while streaming Netflix content on your Samsung TV, it may be due to the expiration of your subscription. Once you get a black screen issue, log out from your account and go to the Netflix subscription page, choose your plan, and subscribe to it. Then start streaming your favorite Netflix shows on your Samsung Smart TV without any problem.

We have listed out all the possible ways to fix the not working issue. Still, if the Netflix app is not working on your Samsung TV, the issue may be with your TV. To fix it, contact Samsung TV customer support or visit any nearby physical store.

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