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How to Activate and Stream TOD on LG Smart TV




TOD is the most used on-demand streaming platform in the Middle East & Africa. The platform has purchased the streaming rights for FIFA World Cup 2022 in the MENA region. You can install the TOD application on the LG Smart TV from the LG Content Store to watch the matches of your favorite team and players. In addition, you must subscribe to the plan to view the FIFA tournament.

How to Get a Subscription on TOD

You can easily check/view the subscription plans while signing up.

1. Open the browser on your PC and visit the official website of TOD.

2. Click Subscribe at the top right corner.

Subscribe menu

3. On the new page, enter the coupon code if you have any and click Apply Code.

Choosing the package on TOD

4. Now, you can see the screen with the subscription packages.

TOD offers three subscription plans at affordable pricing. They are

  • TOD Theatre
  • TOD Total
  • TOD Trophy

To stream FIFA on your Smart TV, you must have a TOD Trophy package. Other subscribers (Theatre & Total) can purchase the World Cup pass to watch FIFA.

How to Get TOD on LG Smart TV

1. Turn on your LG Smart TV and navigate to the Home screen.

2. Launch the LG Content Store and go to the Apps section.

Install TOD from LG Content Store on TV

3. On the left, select the categories to find the app. Alternatively, you can select Search and type TOD to find the app.

4. Next, select Install to get the app.

5. Choose Launch to open the TOD application.

6. You can see the Activation code on your TV screen.

7. Visit the TOD activation page. Sign in to your TOD account and enter the code.

8. Once verified, TOD gets activated, and you can start streaming the FIFA World Cup tournament 2022 on LG Smart TV.

How to Cast TOD on LG Smart TV

You can also cast the content from your smartphone on the Smart TV apart from installing the app.

Using HDMI Cable [Android]

On the older versions of LG TV, you can connect an HDMI Cable to the TV port from your smartphone and share the content with the help of an adapter.

Note: Ensure that your TV supports MHL or Slimport.

1. Connect an HDMI cable to the adapter from your smartphone.

2. Next, connect the MHL cable or Slimport from the adapter to the TV.

Slimport cable

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and stream the TOD content on LG TV.

Using AirPlay [iPhone/iPad]

1. On the Home screen, select Home Dashboard.

Home dashboard on LG TV

2. Under the Mobile section, select AirPlay.

AirPlay settings on LG TV turning on to stream TOD

3. Connect the LG Smart TV to the WiFi to which your iPhone has connected.

4. On your iPhone, open the TOD app, stream a video, and tap AirPlay.

Note: You can also pull down the Control Centre and tap Screen Mirroring.

5. Choose your LG TV from the list of nearby devices.

6. You can see the AirPlay code on your LG TV.

7. Enter the code on your iPhone, and you will get paired.

AirPlay code on iPhone

Finally, stream the match on your LG Smart TV from your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you turn on LG Smart TV without a remote?

Yes. You can turn on your LG Smart TV without a remote using the power button. The placement of the button is based on the model.

2. Does LG Smart TV have voice recognition?

Yes. LG Smart TV has a voice recognition feature where you can perform functions by pressing the Voice Recognition button on the remtoe.

3. Does TOD offers a free trial to users?

Yes. TOD offers a free trial to users who have subscribed to the Theatre package.

4. Can you stream TOD outside the MENA region?

TOD is geo-restricted content available to a specific region. If you are away from the restricted regions, you can use the VPNs like Nord VPN and Express VPN to stream the content.

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