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Stremio Xbox One – How to Watch Stremio Movies on Xbox One?



Stremio Xbox One

Stremio is a video streaming service that lets you stream popular movies and TV shows on different platforms. After Kodi and Plex, Stremio has emerged as the best streaming application. On the other hand, Xbox One is the popular gaming console used around the world. Developed by Microsoft, Xbox One is also used as streaming device to stream the movies and TV shows on the bigger screens of TV. In this article we will show you how to watch Stremio Movies on Xbox One connected TV device.

Stremio Xbox One
Stremio on Xbox

By accessing Stremio on Xbox One, you can watch more number of movies from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and much more. Just like Kodi Media Player, you can fulfill your streaming needs by installing various addons. The Stremio addons lets you watch media from different sources.

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How to Watch Stremio Movies on Xbox One?

Unfortunately, Stremio App is officially not available for Xbox One console. But you can watch Stremio Movies on Xbox One connected TV by mirroring your Android screen.

Note: Before mirroring your Stremio installed Android screen, make sure to connect both devices to the same network.

#1: On your Android mobile, download Xbox app from the Google Play Store.

#2: Launch the app and enter your login details.

Stremio Xbox One
Launch Xbox App

#3: Click the three dot menu icon and tap Console.

#4: Click Connect to your Xbox One and select the Xbox One device that connected on the same network.

#5: Now open Store on your Xbox One and download the AirServer App. (You need to pay $14.99 to purchase this app).

#6: Launch the app and hit “A” button on your Xbox remote. A QR code will be displayed on the screen.

#7: Now download AirServer Connect app on your Android mobile. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

#8: Open the app and tap the QR code icon located on top of the screen.

Stremio Xbox One
Scan QR Code

#9: Now scan the QR code that displayed on the TV screen.

#10: That’s it. Your mobile screen will be mirrored on the Xbox One connected TV screen. Open the stremio app on your mobile and stream your favorite movies.

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Final Thoughts

This is the only method available to stream Stremio movies on Xbox connected TV. Instead of Android, you can also use iOS device. The AirServer Connect app is officially available on iOS app store. We will update the article once the Stremio App is officially released for Xbox consoles.

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