Cast Media from Chromebook to TV


Quick Guide

  • You can cast Chromebook to Chromecast-connected TV using the Quick Settings menu
  • Use Chrome browser to Chromecast Google Chromebook.
  • You can cast Google Drive videos from a Chromebook to a TV.
  • Alternatively, you can use streaming apps to Chromecast Chromebook.

Chromebooks are very different from normal PCs or Laptops and are generally known for compact displays. Instead of traditional Windows and MacOS, it runs on ChromeOS. It has a built-in cast feature that helps cast content on Chromecast-connected TVs.

You can also use streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc, on Chromebook to Chromecast with the app’s native Cast support. Alternatively, if you want to screen mirror the entire Chromebook screen, use the Settings menu. Also, you can Chromecast Google Chrome browser. This article will teach you all possible ways to cast Chromebooks to Chromecast.

How to Screen Mirror Chromebook on Chromecast-connected TV

1. Turn On and set up the Chromebook if you use it for the first time. Then, Chromecast-connected TV and Chromebook should be connected to the same Wi-Fi.

2. Locate the Time icon at the bottom of the home screen and select it.

Tap the Clock section on Chromebook

3. From the pop-up menu, hit the Cast icon.

Click the Cast icon

4. Select your Chromecast device name from the list of available devices.

5. On the pop-up menu, tap the screen and click the Share button.

6. Now, the entire device screen will be mirrored to your Chromecast-connected TV.

7. Open or play any media on your Chromebook and stream it on your TV.

8. To stop mirroring, click the Clock section again and select Stop placed near the option Casting screen to “Your device name.”

Stop casting

How to Cast Chromebook on Chromecast Via Google Chrome Browser

Ensure to connect the Chromecast and Chromebook to the same WiFi before following the steps below.

1. Open the Chrome browser on your Chromebook and navigate to the website you want to cast on your TV.

2. Click the three-vertical dotted icon in the top right corner.

3. Scroll down to choose the Save and Share option.

4. Select the Cast option and Choose your Chromecast device.

5. Click the Source drop-down and select the Cast tab to cast the particular website.

Tap the Cast tab to Chromecast Chromebook

6. Play any content on the website and watch it on your TV.

How to Cast Apps from Chromebook to Chromecast

If you have installed Chromecast-compatible apps, you can directly cast the content on your TV.

First, you must launch the Google Play Store to install Android apps on your Chromebook. Then, download Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Sling TV, or any app from the Play Store on your Chromebook.

We have used Amazon Prime Video to explain the casting procedure. You can use any app of your choice.

1. Install the Amazon Prime Video app on your Chromebook from the Play Store.

Cast Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast

2. Connect the Chromebook and Chromecast-connected TV to the same WiFi.

3. Launch the Amazon Prime app on your Chromebook and log in to your account.

4. Tap the Cast icon on the app interface.

Hit the Cast icon

5. Hit the name of your Chromecast device to cast the app.

6. Play any video on the Amazon Prime app and watch it on your Chromecast-connected TV.

How to Cast Google Drive Media from Chromebook to Chromecast

Refer to the steps below to cast the video from the Google Drive app on your Chromebook. To do it, connect both devices to the same WiFi.

1. Navigate to the Files section on your Chromebook.

2. Click the My Drive option and play the video you have uploaded on the drive.

Go to Files on Chromebook

3. Select the Cast icon at the bottom of the player screen.

Click the cast icon on Chromebook

4. Hit the name of your Chromecast device to cast the video.

5. Now, the video playing on your Chromebook will appear on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Chromebook work with Chromecast?

Yes. Chromebook is compatible with Chromecast devices.

2. Why can’t I cast on my Chromebook?

If the Chromecast and Chromebook are not connected to the same WiFi, you will find issues in casting. To fix it, connect the Chromecast and Chromebook to the same WiFi network.