Delete Apps on Samsung TV Developer Mode


Quick Answer

  • You can turn on the Developer Mode on Samsung TV in two ways.
  • Latest Samsung TVs: Enter 12345 or 00000 in the Apps section to enable the Developer Mode.
  • Old Samsung TVs: Go to Settings → Choose About TV → Click the Model Number button 7 times.

You can enable the Developer Mode on Samsung Smart TV to get hidden settings and advanced customization options. To make changes in the Developer Mode, you need to install the Tizen Studio on your Windows or Mac PC.

Developer Mode is useful to users who are developing a standalone app for Samsung TVs. In the Developer Mode, you can test your own Tizen OS app, debug the app, and delete unwanted files.

Changes in Developer Mode will affect the TV’s software. Make sure that you are aware of all the Developer Settings while making the changes. In this guide, you will learn how to enable Developer Mode and how to use it on your Samsung TV.

How to Enable Developer Mode on Samsung Smart TV

1. Launch the Smart Hub panel on your Samsung TV.

2. Click on the Apps section.

3. Enter the numbers 12345 or 00000 using your Samsung TV remote.

4. A menu will appear on your Samsung TV. Turn on the Developer Mode toggle.

Turn on Developer Mode toggle on Samsung Smart TV

5. In the Host PC IP box, enter the IP Address of the PC that you want to connect.

6. Confirm the process by selecting OK.

7. Restart your Samsung TV when the process is over.

8. After the restart, you can see the Develop Mode label on your Samsung TV screen.

Develop Mode on Samsung TV

How to Enable Developer Mode on Older Samsung Smart TV

If you have the 2016, 2015, 2014, or any older models of Samsung Smart TV, you can use the below steps to enable the Developer Mode.

1. Enter into your Samsung TV Settings page.

2. Click on the About TV option.

3. Locate the Model Number option and click it almost seven times.

4. YOU ARE ALREADY A DEVELOPER message will appear on your Samsung TV.

How to Use Developer Mode on Samsung TV

You need a PC with Tizen Studio software to access the Developer Mode. You can install the software on your PC from the official website. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

Connect Samsung TV to SDK

1. Launch the Tizen Studio app on your PC.

2. Hit the Tools option and click on Device Manager.

3. Click on the Remote Device Manager option.

Tizen Studio app on PC

4. Hit the Plus icon to add a TV.

5. Enter the IP Address of your Samsung TV in the Add Device Menu.

Add your TV IP address on the Tizen Studio app

6. Click on the Add button.

7. Select your Samsung TV and turn on the Connection toggle. Now, your TV is paired with your PC.

Connect Samsung TV to your PC

Launch Apps Developer Mode

After connecting the TV to your PC, there are two ways to use the Developer Mode.

Normal Mode

1. Right-click the Project in the Project Explorer view.

2. Choose Run As. The launch mode will appear below, and choose your preferred one among that.

3. You can see two different launch modes, which are given below.

  • Tizen Web Application – Runs the app on the connected device.
  • Tizen Web Unit Test Application – Run the application with the unit test.

Debug Mode

1. Right-click the project in the Project Explorer view.

2. Select the Debug as Tizen Web Application.

Debug Mode on Samsung TV Developer Mode

3. The Web Inspector will run automatically when you launch the application in debug mode.

4. You can look for errors and fix bugs in the app.

Delete Apps on Samsung TV With Developer Mode

In general, you can delete or uninstall apps on Samsung Smart TVs that are manually installed. If you want to delete pre-installed apps on Samsung TV, you need to use the Developer Mode.

1. Click the Settings icon on the TV.

2. Select the pre-installed app that you want to delete from the App section.

3. Now, choose the Lock/Unlock option and choose the Lock option.

4. Then, type 0000 to lock the app.

5. Now, on your PC, go to the Deep Link Test option in the Tizen Studio app.

6. Click the Content ID and enter any number. Then, tap the Done button.

7. Choose Cancel in the Password Creation Window.

8. Now, the Delete option will appear. Click on it to delete the app. If it asks for a PIN, enter the code (0000) to delete the app from the Samsung TV.

Disable Developer Mode on Samsung Smart TV

1. Get into the Developer Settings on your Samsung Smart TV.

2. Select the Developer Mode option and toggle it off.

3. Now, you have disabled the developer mode on your TV.

Developer Mode Not Working on Samsung Smart TV: How to Fix

If you have error pop-ups while working in the Developer mode, check the table below to fix the issue.

Error Code or MessageMeaningFix
1009: App Uninstall FailThe specified application can’t be uninstalled on Tizen StudioUninstall the app directly from the TV
1013: App Run FailThe specified app can’t be launched on Tizen StudioTry again after a few minutes. Reboot your Samsung TV
1010: App Install FailThe app can’t be installed on Tizen Studio or Samsung TVUse the latest or older version of the app
Failed to get a device informationThis error comes only on the 2015 models of Samsung TVIt doesn’t have a bigger impact on your TV. You can ignore the message
Tizen Studio Freezes on MacThe Tizen Studio is not compatible with the Java Development KitYou have to update your Java Development Kit
Null Pointer Error (NPE) and You are not an authorized user!These two error messages occur on older versions of Samsung TVs and SDK versionsYou need to update your Samsung Smart TV OS and SDK Version on your PC

If you can’t fix the issue in the Developer Mode, you need to reset your Samsung Smart TV.


1. Is it safe to use Developer Mode on Samsung TV?

Yes, it is completely safe to use the Developer Mode. However, we recommend not to make any unknown changes in the Tizen Studio app.

2. Can I use Developer Mode on a jailbroken Samsung TV?

No, if you jailbreak your Samsung Smart TV, you can’t enable the Developer Mode.