Google Calendar Apple Watch Complication


Quick Guide

  • The Google Calendar is unavailable for Apple Watch.
  • However, you can receive Google Calendar notifications on Apple Watch.

Google Calendar is a user-friendly application that allows you to create and manage all your events, schedules, and reminders. Unfortunately, you cannot install the Google Calendar app for Apple Watch. However, you can sync Google Calendar with Apple Calendar and manage all the Google Calendar events right from your WatchOS.

This article will teach you how to receive Google Calendar alerts on your Apple watch. Also, this post covers the best Google Calendar alternatives that can be installed on your iWatch.

How to Get Google Calendar Notifications on Apple Watch

To receive Google Calendar notifications on WatchOS, pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone and sync the Google Calendar. Here is what you need to do,

1. Press the Side button (Digital Crown) to turn On your Apple Watch.

2. Keep the watchOS and iPhone close to each other.

3. Now, you will see a menu on the iPhone screen. Select Continue to proceed.

Pair Apple Watch to iPhone

4. Keep the Apple Watch in the frame box displayed on the iPhone screen and tap Pair Manually.

5. Hit the ( i ) icon on the Apple Watch.

6. Select your Apple Watch Name on your iPhone. Now, the Apple Watch displays a six-digit code on the screen.

7. Enter the code on the iPhone and click the option Set Up as New Apple Watch.

8. Then, open the Settings menu on your iPhone.

Open Settings

9. Scroll down and select the option Calendar.

Tap Calendar

10. In the Calendar settings, tap the option Accounts.

Select Accounts

11. The list of synced accounts will be displayed in the section. Click the Add Account option at the bottom.

12. Now, choose Google from the list.

Click Google

13. Click Continue on the pop-up menu.

14. Enter your Email ID & password in the required field and click Next.

15. Toggle ON the button near Calendars.

Tap Calendar to access Google Calendar events on Apple watch

16. The events you created on Google Calendar will now appear on the iPhone Calendar app.

As long as your watchOS and iPhone are paired, Google Calendar notifications will appear on the watchOS.

Google Calendar Not Showing on Apple Watch – Best Fixes

If the Google Calendar doesn’t sync with the Apple Calendar, use the below troubleshooting steps to fix it.

  • The first thing you need to do is to check whether the Apple Watch and iPhone are paired. The Google Calendar events will not sync to Apple Calendar if not paired.
  • Then, check the Internet connection on your iPhone.
  • Check whether you have enabled the Calenders toggle button of your account.
  • Restart the iPhone and try to sync the Google Calendar again.
  • Update your iPhone OS and watchOS to the latest version.
  • Turn Off and On your Apple Watch.

Best Alternatives to Google Calendar on Apple Watch

Instead of syncing events, if you want a dedicated Calendar app for WatchOS, use the Google Calendar alternatives mentioned below.

Calendar AppsApple Watch – App Store
24me Smart Personal AssistantApp Store
Calendars – Planner & CalendarApp Store
Fantastical CalendarApp Store
Calendars 5App Store
Tiny Calendar: Planner & TasksApp Store

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I install Google Calendar on my Apple Watch?

No. Google Calendar app is not available for Apple Watch.