Install Kodi on Sony TV


Quick Guide

  • You can install Kodi on Sony Smart TV running on Android or Google TV OS from the Google Play Store.
  • Alternatively, you can sideload the Kodi APK [https://urlsrt.io/KodiAPK] on Sony TV using the Downloader app.

Kodi is an an open-souce media player that lets you watch movies, series, sports, documentaries, TV channels, radio, music, and more via add-ons. You can install and use Kodi for free on Sony Smart TV, which runs on Android and Google TV OS from the Google Play Store.

If you cannot install the app from Play Store of your TV, you can sideload Kodi APK by installing the Downloader app. In this article, you will learn all possible ways to use Kodi on Smart TV.

How to Install Kodi on Sony Android TV

1. Power On your Sony Android TV and connect it to a strong internet connection.

2. Hit the Apps icon on the home screen.

Go to Apps section of Sony Smart TV

3. Tap the Google Play Store app from the apps list.

Select Google Play Store

4. Hit the Search icon and type Kodi in the search box.

Search for Kodi

5. Select the Kodi app from the search suggestions.

6. Tap Install on the app description page.

Install Kodi on Sony Smart TV

7. After installing the Kodi app, launch it and grant the necessary permissions.

8. Play any movie or TV show and watch it on your Sony Smart TV.

How to Get Kodi on Sony Google TV

1. Turn On your Sony Google TV and tap the Search tab in the menu.

Tap Search on Sony Google TV

2. Type Kodi on the search bar using the on-screen keyboard.

Search for the Kodi app

3. Select the Kodi app from the search results and hit Install to download the app on your TV.

How to Sideload Kodi APK on Sony Smart TV Using Downloader

1. First, install the Downloader app on your Sony Smart TV.

Install Downloader to sideload Kodi on Sony Smart TV

2. Navigate to the Sony TV Settings and hit the Device Preferences option.

3. Choose the Security & Restrictions option and select Unknown Sources.

4. Then select Install Unknown Apps and toggle the button near Downloader.

Toggle Downloader

5. After enabling the option, launch the Downloader app on your Sony Smart TV and grant the necessary permission.

6. Hit the Home tab on the left pane.

7. Enter the Kodi APK URL [https://urlsrt.io/KodiAPK] in the required field.

8. Tap Go and wait for the APK file to download.

Enter Kodi URL to sideload Kodi on Sony Smart TV

9. Once the APK file is downloaded, select Install on the pop-up menu.

10. Launch the app on your Sony Smart TV and watch your favorite video content by installing addons.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I add Kodi to my Sony Bravia TV?

You can easily download the Kodi app from the Play Store on your Sony BraviaTV.

2. How do I fix Kodi not working on my Sony Smart TV?

If you face issues with the Kodi app on your Smart TV, Update the Kodi app and clear the cache files of the app.