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Crypto Is Turning Green; The Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies



Avoid Crypto Failures

A major concern even about the top-notch cryptocurrencies Bitcoin & Ethereum is that these are not environmentally friendly. The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index reveals that the amount of energy Bitcoin consumes for mining in a year is more than enough to boil water for all the cups of tea to be made in the UK for the next 30 years. But this problem does not only exist in Bitcoin. Many other cryptocurrencies also face the same issue due to the POW mechanism. If you are a beginner, use the bitcoin motion website to trade Bitcoin with confidence.

How Are Cryptocurrencies Bad For The Environment?

The amount of power consumption for mining these tokenized assets is bothering the environmentalists. This mining process contains heavy-duty computer hardware that needs immense power to run so that individuals might compete for validating transactions to earn coins. It also requires a vast amount of electricity to solve complex mathematical puzzles. In addition, it utilizes energy sources that are not even renewable, like coal, fossil fuels, etc.

How Are The NFTs Not Eco-Friendly?

These are the digital tokens that utilize blockchain technology so that they can provide proof of their possessions, such as virtual artwork and any other digital property. These tokens often use Ethereum Blockchain for their operations, and their creation requires a massive amount of power supply.

Is There Any NFT That Is Not Bad For the Environment?

The development of more sustainable cryptocurrencies has been initiated. For instance, Ethereum 2.0 will consume 99.95 percent less energy than the rest of the cryptocurrencies. But it will take a few years to be launched.

Why Is Bitcoin Doing More Damage To The Environment?

The mining of Bitcoin takes an amount of energy that is more than the energy consumption of the entire country. According to enthusiasts, this impact is accelerated by the fact that China performs the majority of the mining, and that mostly depends on coal power. The prices of Bitcoin are continuously fluctuating. If the prices go high, the consumption of fossil fuels will also soar.

Last year Elon Musk bought Bitcoins worth 1.5 billion dollars, but he announced that he would not sell these coins until and unless there is a more sustainable method of mining developed.

Avoid Crypto Failures

The Green Cryptocurrencies

Environmentalists believe that the mining process utilizes an alarming amount of fossil fuels. But, now, some currencies are more environmentally friendly and do less harm. So, the cryptocurrency and environmental concerns can be alleviated. Following are some of the Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies.


Cardano is generated by one of the co-founders of Ethereum and works on a proof-of-stake mechanism. It uses the Ouroboros system, which is the first-ever peer-reviewed blockchain and can be adapted to global needs without compromising security or sustainability. The user buys tokens instead of mining the currency for joining the network, and it sets aside an immense amount of power. Cardano can process 1000 transactions every second.


Nano has been in the market since 2015 and is considered low energy using cryptocurrency. It uses Blockchain Lattice technology instead of mining that develops blockchains on the nano network for crypto traders. Nano tries to minimize the waste produced by crypto transactions. It lowers the energy consumption and injects efficiency by utilizing the Open Representative Voting mechanism. Nano is eco-friendly and produces instant transactions free of cost.


IOTA does not need miners for processing the transactions, and it uses an alternative technology, Tangle. Smaller devices can handle it easily, and the power supply required is also low.


This currency is sustainable at a global level and specially developed to promote the creation and usage of solar energy. Solarcoins are provided as compensation to the one generating it. Generators get a solar coin whenever they generate one-megawatt energy using solar technology.


It developed as a green alternative to Bitcoin. It promotes environmentally friendly behavior by encouraging and rewarding individuals for sustainable coffee drinking, ride-sharing, and stepping forward. You can trade Biz Green coins on the exchanges, and you can also use them with individuals having the same currency.

Final Words

Consensus mechanisms are being upgraded, and renewable energy sources are being utilized. It will reduce the damage being done to the environment. Steps are being taken to eliminate or minimize the E-waste.

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