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Why Magento eCommerce is a Better Alternative for WordPress



Why choose Magento

Choosing the right engine for your online store plays a very important role in the successful development of a resource.

CMS for Online Store

Often, specialists or companies developing the site use only those platforms they are used to working. Such a limitation in the choice of the engine may affect the work of the project because the selected engine may limit the work of the site or may not satisfy its requirements at all. In order to avoid such problems in advance, you need to know which engine for the online store is better to choose.

What is a Project Engine?

The engine (aka CMS) is a system necessary for the convenience of the project. For most sites, it is the basis, and it is due to the engine that the site functions. Choosing the right CMS for an online store is the first step towards creating a website. It is not always possible to find a specialist who has a lot of experience and is familiar with many engines. As a rule, developers are guided by their experience and usability, not by the online store’s requirements. At the same time, convenient CMS has been created for the functioning of stores.

Own Platform

At the moment, there is already a relatively large number of various free engines. Therefore, if you have a regular online store, it makes no sense to develop your own engine because of the waste of time and money.

Of course, there are examples when an online store has such unique requirements that none of the engines on the market can implement. But even in such a situation, creating your own platform will be justified only if you have a very large online store with a large turnover of funds. And it will take much more time because then the creation of the site starts from scratch.

Creating your own CMS is a rather rare phenomenon, so we have prepared an overview of the existing engines for an online store. So, if you are faced with the question of choosing a platform, first, let’s figure out what engines are and how to choose the right one.

Which Platform Should You Choose?

As mentioned above, there are a large number of engines, and the wrong choice can lead to problems in the work of the project. We propose to consider the most common and justified options.


eCommerce development services by Elogic for online store. This widely used engine is renowned for its flexibility, level of control, and functionality. It is considered the most powerful open-source framework and also makes it easy to extend and modernize a site based on this engine.

In addition to the listed positive qualities, one can name a convenient panel for administering the site and a wide range of settings. Although Magento makes website development more difficult, this fact is fully compensated for by the flexibility, ease of management, and multifunctionality of the engine, making it an excellent choice for a future online store.

However, it is worth mentioning the cons. These include a significant expenditure of resources for a full-fledged uninterrupted operation. But, if you have powerful enough hosting, this disadvantage will not bother you.

The main functionality of the Magento engine:

  • delivery customization;
  • setting up a variety of payment methods;
  • setting up dynamic price changes;
  • execution of orders;
  • availability of gift cards;
  • high safety and reliability;
  • expansion of functionality;
  • the presence of many support forums.

WordPress Store Plugin

When WordPress was created, it was designed for blogging development. But now, many plugins help to create an online store based on this CMS. To determine if WordPress is right for your eCommerce business, you need to know exactly what features you will need, and then, based on these requirements, select the most suitable plugins. The WooCommerce plugin is now considered the most common.

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