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Tips On Choosing A Pie Chart Maker For Your Monthly Financial Reports



Pie Chart

The pie chart is a circular graph, which represents the data in terms of various types and sizes of segments. The area of each segment is proportional to the amount it represents. Pie charts can be used to represent data either as percentages or in numerical values. However, the usage of pie charts has been highly criticized because they don’t show precise numbers and people often fail to understand them correctly even if all the necessary information about the size of different segments is provided along with them. All this criticism notwithstanding, many organizations still prefer to use pie charts for their monthly financial reports and other types of reports to make them more attractive and easy to understand for stakeholders and investors. If you are working in such an organization and responsible for preparing these reports, then you would need to know how to choose a pie chart maker that will help you get the desired look and feel without compromising on the clarity of your reports.

1. Identify The Purpose Of Free Pie Chart Maker In Your Reports

You need to keep in mind whether you intend to use a pie chart for aesthetic purposes or because it is the only way through which you can explain a certain trend or pattern that exists in your data. For instance, if you have some complex numerical data related to say total revenue and cost incurred by different divisions over 12 months and want to show this information on a single sheet for quick understanding, then using a pie chart might be a good idea. On the other hand, if you simply want to create an easy-to-follow presentation with distinct segments just for fun or want some elements that stand out more prominently on the page without being able to fully convey any particular information, then you shouldn’t be using pie charts at all because they are not meant for such purposes.

2. Know Your Online Pie Chart Maker

You should consider whether the pie chart maker you choose will be able to offer you sophisticated templates with different types of styling options. For instance, can it allow you to apply 3D effects or do some custom formatting? Is it possible for this tool to preserve proportions while resizing elements? Can it help in creating multi-level sectional views by allowing rotation of sections? Does this software provide multiple themes and graphical styles that can immediately change the look and feel of your report? The more the number of such advanced functions offered by a tool, the better is its choice as a pie chart maker.

3. Choose Color Scheme Wisely For Your Creative Pie Chart Maker

It is important to remember that the choice and sequence of colors is also a crucial factor that can either improve or worsen the look and feel of your report. For instance, if you want to highlight some particular segment, then using bright colors for it will be a good idea as it will stand out from the rest of the elements. On the other hand, you should avoid using bright colors for all segments as it may make your pie charts confusing and difficult to understand.

Pie Chart

4. Make Enough Space Between Segments Of Easy Pie Chart Maker

One more important point that you need to keep in mind is that you should make sure that there is enough space between different segments to avoid any kind of confusion. This will help the readers distinguish one segment from another without much trouble. For instance, you have three segments labeled as ‘Region A’, ‘Region B’, and ‘Region C’. Now, if you put them too close to each other, it might become difficult for the readers to tell which color belongs to which region. So, it would be better if these were separated by a small gap so that people can easily identify the colors.

5. Compromise On Design Features Only When Necessary

You need to understand that sometimes pie charts look more appealing when they are not perfectly designed or pie slices are not well spaced. It all depends upon the purpose for which such a chart is being created. For instance, if you want to portray some quick information on a single sheet and don’t have much time to focus on layout and design elements then you might like to use some ‘rough’ looking charts as they will provide the required clarity without making your report look too crowded. On the other hand, if you are creating pie charts for professional reports meant for regular distribution among your colleagues and higher management, then it would be better to focus on graphic details right from the beginning because even small flaws may take away the overall impact of your graphics.

6. Make Ample Use Of Additional Features Of Pie Chart Maker Online

It is always advised that you explore all advanced functions available in your preferred pie chart tool to see whether they can help you achieve your desired results. For instance, if the software offers you the facility of grouping different segments together, then using it might be a good idea as it will make your charts even easier to understand.

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Pie Chart


The most important thing you can do when it comes to pie chart making is make sure that your charts are visually clear and easy to read. If the chart isn’t clear, then you’re not going to be able to get a lot of use out of it. That’s why it is recommended to find a good pie chart maker that makes charts in an attractive way and is easy for people who might not have done this before.

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