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eCommerce Marketing Tips: 4 Types of Product Videos That Sell



Product Videos

Video marketing can be hard. Just putting together some footage won’t be enough. You need to make a product video that you’ll know for sure will appeal to the viewers. You must create a video that will make them stop scrolling and start watching.  After all, the average person spends 100 minutes every day watching videos online – so, you’ve got to make sure yours is on their list.

The problem is that while they do spend a lot of time watching videos, they won’t watch just about anything. They’ll choose the videos based on their preferences and the things that pick their interest. This is why you need to create a video that sells if you are planning to make any profit from it.

What Is a Video That Sells?

A video that sells can grab the attention of your audience and engage your community into viewing your product. These videos should be a part of your eCommerce strategy because roughly 75% of the people in the United States are more likely to purchase after seeing a video of the product.

Why, you may ask? It’s because videos are much more interactive to watch than an impersonal block of text. As an average internet user, as you are scrolling on social media, you are more likely to scroll over a block of text than a video. This is because videos are easier to digest, and their visuals also manage to capture your attention.

Plus, a video that sells can deliver your message more efficiently as compared to text. The average viewer usually gets around 95% of the message from the product video. From a text, they only get 10% of that message on average.

For this reason, a video that sells will make it much easier for viewers to get an understanding of the product. This will ultimately lead to more sales, as more and more people become interested in purchasing your product.

Where to Post Such a Video?

There are various places where you can post a video, but you first need to figure out where most of the people are. About 62% of the businesses use YouTube to post their videos, and there is a good reason for that. After all, considering that YouTube has 2.3 billion subscribers all around the world, it is a good place to start.

Also, after YouTube and Google, Facebook is one of the most popular platforms out there. Ever since the Facebook Videos widget was added, more and more people have been watching videos to pass the time. In fact, 47% of the consumers get their ads from Facebook, allowing businesses to increase their brand awareness up to 67%.

TikTok is also growing rapidly in popularity, with the younger generations being there as well. From millennials to Gen Z, TikTok has become a subculture of its own, and this video platform is where all the magic is at. It allows the users to express themselves – to deliver their message in a language that they can understand.

Plus, considering that more than 1 billion videos are watched every day on TikTok, it is the best place for you to post such a marketing video. The numbers are growing every year, which shows that TikTok is indeed a platform you need to direct your attention to.

Lastly, your business website is also a good place for you to place such a video. For example, your home page might contain several product videos concerning your brand. When a viewer comes for a visit, they’ll be able to gain more information this way. Also, a product page might do with a video instead of the classic photo. In most cases, this option is the most appealing to users, as videos tend to have more power of detail.

4 Types of Videos That Sell

There are various types of videos that sell and help give your sales a boost. However, some of them can be particularly successful.

  • Storytelling Videos

Storytelling videos increase the trust between a brand and a viewer. Everyone loves a good story, and this type of video is a subtle way to market your product. It is indeed promotional, but at the same time, it won’t be that obvious.

The creation of these videos can be tricky, but at the same time, they are very convenient. They need to have a perfect balance between informing and entertaining. However, once it gets out there, it wraps the user up in the story and attracts their interest.

  • Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos, also simply referred to as “demo videos,” are some of the most common types of videos for a product launch. They are fairly easy to use, and all you’ll need is footage of the product and a good video editor. Programs such as Vimeo video editor can be very useful. You may also use a free Fastreel montage maker or pay for Adobe professional tool to create a video.

These videos showcase details that inform the viewers of the basics of the product. They show the benefits of a product, allowing the viewers to see the potential of an item without actually being there, in front of it.

A demonstration video usually fits best on a home page or a product page, as it gives your visitor a better idea of the product that they are probably trying to buy. After all, they are already on your page – and with that in mind, it’s safe to say they have enough interest in your product.

By using demo videos, you’ll make it much easier for your customers to get a good grip of the products on your website. They’ll be one step away from actually making a purchase

  • Comparison Videos

When people are not certain what they want to buy, they often go for comparison videos. These videos are particularly efficient in online shopping, where users may feel reluctant to make a purchase.

Comparison videos remove stress from the hearts of potential buyers and show off the pros and cons of a product. This allows them to make a better decision in regard to the products that they wish to buy. You may use tools such as Movavi or Canva to make a comparison video.

  • How-To Videos

How-to videos are a great way to capture users that are already slightly interested in the product. For example, if they are not exactly certain of the product, they may be more convinced the moment they see you using it. It’s a great way to increase promotional value.

Compared to demonstration videos, how-to videos go into more detail. However, their production is easy, as the only thing you’ll have to do is to film how you use the product. Seeing that the item actually has movement will bring the viewer closer to you.

3 Examples of Popular Product Videos

There are many product videos that are efficient and can serve as inspiration. Here are just some examples of videos that were a great success among viewers.

  • Dropbox Intro Video

YouTube Link:

The Dropbox intro video has more than four million views, and there is no wonder there. The video is simple, yet entertaining and highly explanatory. Technically, it is a demo video for the Dropbox product, but at the same time, it offers storytelling properties. Plus, since it was made in animation mode, it is very catchy and interesting. People starting to watch it will often find it hard to stop the video – and by the end, their interest in the product will be picked.

  • Training Mask Product Video

YouTube Link:

Training Mask has the right idea here. There aren’t any words in the video – just music over workout footage. However, this ad has almost two million views. All the video does is show the product in action – with no speech or fancy advertising. It is an intense video that appeals to the right audience – athletes who want to breathe easier during exercising. Plus, considering the times, the ad is even more appealing.

  • Kelty Side Table

YouTube Link:

A combo between a demonstration video and a how-to video, the Kelty side table eCommerce video is a good example of videography for your business. It is a simple video, as all it does is show users how it works and how you set it up. At the same time, it is highly efficient, as it tells users everything they may need to know about that issue. The ad tackles the problem that the product attempts to resolve.

The Bottom Line

Video marketing is very catchy nowadays, mostly because everyone likes to see a good, creative and informative video. If you want to be successful, you might want to increase your video marketing game. Hopefully, our eCommerce marketing tips were helpful, and you can apply them to your strategy.

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