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Top 10 Best Compass Apps for Android [2021]



Best Compass Apps for Android

Your Android smartphones can be your life saviour. The smartphones are smarter than we think as it has all the things you need to make your time productive and pass the time. If you are a traveller or one who loves to travel, you will have apps like route planner, to-do list, and reminder apps. But you need to have at least one compass app on your smartphone. When you get lost in a place where there is no internet and no phone signal, these compass apps will help you in a greater way. In this article, we have listed the top 10 best compass apps for Android devices.

List of Best Compass Apps for Android

  • Built-in App
  • Compass
  • Speaking Compass
  • Digital Field Compass
  • Compass 360 Pro Free
  • Smart Compass
  • Compass GPS Pro Military Compass with camera
  • Compass Steel 3D
  • Just a Compass
  • Compass Galaxy

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Built-in Compass App

Every smartphone has its own compass app.

Most of the time, the built-in compass app is enough for an average user. You will get all the basic information you need. The direction with North pointed, the latitude and longitude. You can know how much you are away from the North in degrees. With this information, you will know where you are and you can find the nearest human location if you are lost. The information available on the app may vary according to the brand of smartphones.


Compass by gabenative is one of the best compass apps for Android smartphones and tablets.


There are many apps available in the name of Compass on the Google Play Store, to get the correct app look for the developer. This compass app is one of the accurate and precise navigation apps. In this app, you can switch between magnetic north and true north (geographic north). You can copy and view your coordinates. If you want. you can also send your coordinated to your friends. It also indicated the magnetic field strength.

Speaking Compass

Speaking Compass, the name says the description of the app. It is an audio-enabled compass app.

Speaking Compass

The Speaking Compass will be helpful to blind or visually challenged peoples. It will announce the direction very frequently like 324 Degrees North West, 20 Degrees North, and more. The app has two voice accent, US and UK. You can choose anyone between the two accents. It is one of the simplest compass apps. Open the app and it will say the direction. The app is more like a Navigation feature on Google Maps.

Digital Field Compass

Digital Field Compass is a powerful compass app for Android smartphones.

Digital Field Compass

The compass is app is best suited for marine environments like sailing and boating. The app has some advanced features like Night mode, customizable theme, save directions and so on. By using the three middle buttons, you can record three points on your compass. This will show you how far away from your initial location. Digital Field Compass can also be used when hiking and hill climbing. It will also show you the Declination field.

Compass 360 Pro Free

Compass 360 Pro Free is one of the lightweight compass apps for Android. It occupies only 5.4 MB of your memory.

Compass 360 Pro Free

The app will show you the latitude, longitude, and altitude details. Like the Compass app, you can switch between the magnetic north and the geographic north. You can also customize the skins from Simple Compass and Golden Compass. It is one of the most downloaded compass apps on the Google Play Store. The app is available in 34 languages. This compass app depends on the performance of the device, so it will show precisely as long as your smartphone is in good condition.

Smart Compass

Smart Compass is one of the best compass apps for Android smartphones and tablets.

Smart Compass

The app has a lot of features like landscape and portrait mode, telescope mode, digital to analogue mode, and many more. Smart Compass has the support of GPS and Google Maps. You can also enable the Google Maps satellite mode. It will show you the direction with an image from your camera. You can turn on/off the camera feature. It has some advanced features like GPS Speedometer, Screen capture, and types of coordinates.

Compass GPS Pro Military Compass with camera

This compass app is a military level compass app for your Android device.

Compass GPS Pro

The app can be integrated into Google Maps and view it on Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain modes. With the app, you can do speed tracking, distance tracking, time tracking and many more. The app will show you some advanced information like temperature, altitude, humidity, the density of ai, wind, timings of sunrise and sunset. You can also enable the app with your smartphone’s camera for better navigation. The app will allow you to customize the settings.

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Compass Steel 3D

Compass Steel 3D is one of the feature-rich compass apps for Android devices.

Compass Steel 3D

You can customize the app with multiple colour themes. Compass Steel 3D app is an elegantly designed compass app. In the Settings menu, you can customize the options like Magnetic and Geographic North, Compass design, Sun & Moon option, and so on. It will self-calibrates as you use the app. The highlighting thing in the app is that it will appear on the 3D look. You can install the app on Android smartwatches too.

Just a Compass

Just a Compass is a simple yet advanced compass app.

Just a Compass

In the app, you will get all the useful information you need. Like most of the compass app, it has magnetic and geographic north. It will show you some advanced information like sunrise & sunset time, altitude above the sea level, magnetic field, and address of your current location. The app uses the EGM96 (Earth Gravitational Model) as the geoid reference for altitude measurements and for coordinates it uses UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator). Just a Compass app has no ads.

Compass Galaxy

Compass Galaxy is the simplest of all compass apps.

Compass Galaxy

The apps show only the essential information, the direction alone. It is the best app for beginners. Compass Galaxy app won’t ask for any permission, it is one of the safest apps to use. The app has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store and has a download count of 1 million. If the app needs calibration, you will receive a notification. If you want a simple compass app, Compass Galaxy is the best choice you have.

Final Thoughts

These are the best compass apps for Android smartphones and tablets. Install the compass app that perfectly suits your requirements. If you want more app, explore the Google Play Store. Comment your favourite compass app in the comments section below.

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